39 Random Things From The ‘90s

E!’s Talk Soup hosted by John Henson, which was the old-school way to watch viral videos…

…and Coming Attractions, which was literally a half-hour show of just movie trailers:

The Kmart Cafe, which had the distinct Little Caesars smell that would hit your face as soon as you walked into the store:

Snaps, which had some of the best insults and jokes ever:

“Goth Talk” on SNL, which was hosted by Circe Nightshade and Azrael Abyss:

And Norm MacDonald as the host of SNL’s “Weekend Update”:

“The late-’90s Disney Channel logo that was a TV with Mickey ears:”

The ’90s-meets-psychedelic design on Fruitopia vending machines:

The creepy AF Puttermans from the Duracell commercials:

Having a ton of blank VHS tapes with covers that looked like this:

Blank cassette tapes that were supposed to capture the sound of CDs best, but honestly, sound exactly the same:

The THX logo that would play before some movies. (And that you can still hear in your head!):

And the green FBI warning screen that played before Disney VHS tapes:

Having to put on Channel 3 if you wanted to watch a movie or play a video game:

Buddy Lee from the Lee Jeans commercials (which I am sure was a haunted doll):

The Jerry Springer Too Hot for TV! VHS tape that they would show commercials for late at night:

Magic the Dog and all the Old Navy commercials he appeared in:

Dave Thomas, who was the founder of Wendy’s and appeared in all the commercials for them:

These chairs that your parents still had from the ’80s, and that were only comfortable for like two minutes:

Lay’s Wow chips that were made with Olestra and gave people diarrhea:

Having to know what type of film you needed to use depending on the time of day and/or exposure you wanted:

Publishers Clearing House magazine stamps that you would use to order magazines that you then would never pay for:

Bath & Body works stores when they used to have red awnings and white shiplap on the exterior:

And the Natural Wonders stores with their light-wood interiors and rain sticks:

The Chevron Cars who were OVER IT and loved to spill the tea about their owners:

The ads inside TV Guide that would tell you what that week’s episode of a TV show was going to be about:

Lever 2000 soap, which every mom loved to buy in bulk:

The late-’90s Sony CD Walkman that looked like UFOs:

Those micro cassettes that were primarily used in answering machines:

The Daily Show hosted by Craig Kilborn:

Wendy the “Snapple Lady,” who appeared in all of the company’s commercials:

The Coca-Cola Rewards Card, which got you free drinks at the movies and various restaurants (well, as long as you brought it with you):

Binaca and how your breath wasn’t minty fresh until it felt like you had burned a hole in your mouth with it:

Real California Cheese commercials (that featured this logo):

Phones built into the back of airplane seats that required a credit card to use (and that you always wanted to use):

Cookie Crook, Chip the Dog, and Cookie Cop as the mascots for Cookie Crisp cereal:

The Nintendo Rumble Pak, which everyone would fight over (if you only had one) when playing N64:

The giant cutout displays stores would have just to announce the release of an upcoming album or movie:

Having to carry around change in case you needed to use a payphone:

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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