18 Almost Perfect Sci-Fi Movies


Such a stunningly perfect movie from beginning to end. One of my favorites.”

“Edge of tomorrow”

“The Thing

It’s s a goddamn masterpiece”


One of the first movies to pretty much switch genre halfway through. Literally goes from 2001, space odyssey-esque to nightmare on elm street-esque with the flip of a switch and is amazingly smooth in transition”

“12 Monkeys”


The movie is thought-provoking, interesting and inspiring.”


F@#k everything that came after, but the tone, setting and pace of the original is 10/10″

Ex Machina. One of my favourite films of all time”

“The Matrix

It’s a shame the others weren’t as good as the first.”


I don’t care that it recorded static, I care it recorded over 8 hours of it”

“Galaxy Quest

It’s a great movie even if you don’t care for the parody aspect.”

“The new Dune is pretty loyal to the books except for a few details here and there but it’s still an absolutely amazing film”

The Martian is beautifully filmed, perfectly cast, well-acted, funny, and super plausible.”

“The Terminator and Terminator 2”

“‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”


“The Fifth Element.”

“Blade Runner (Final Cut)”

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