40 Awesome Photos Show Our Weird And Fascinating World

“I’ve been unintentionally dressing up as my deodorant can”

“This rainbow appeared and intersected with the mural rainbow just as I was walking by.”

“I found my ticket stub from a Seinfeld show I saw in 1991”

“A 4 door corvette”

“Craziest split end found in my hair”

“This vent with built-in fans to heat or cool the room quicker.”

“My local grocery store sells mushroom growing logs…”

“A butterfly chrysalis on some store-bought flowers”

“Graffiti by prisoners in 1800s. Canterbury England”

“The side of this building is a map of Chicago, showing where you are.”

“There was a wrestling championship belt on the counter at my bank”

“This old coin I found underneath the floor boards in my grandma’s house”

“Just a cloud pointing at the moon”

“This miniature pallet of sticky notes”

“Our challah looks like a cloud from a cartoon”

“My tires have the weather conditions that they’re rated for stamped into the tread”

“Someone payed with a 10$ from 1934 tonight”

“Baby hedgehog yawn”

“This rock with an almost perfect star-shaped crystal in it.”

“My sink sprayer has a tough spot remover. It shoots a high pressure stream down the middle that is surprisingly powerful, but a cone of water around it that blocks all the splashes”

“Gravestone that looks like a maze”

“A stray cat roaming SeaTac at 4AM”

“My old Dell laptop has a drain hole on the bottom.”

“Poison bottle i found on the beach.”

“This leaf is caught by its stem. The wind made a pattern in the snow.”

“My groceries came out to exactly $100.00 after tax”

“These green rings of light move at the pace of the speed limit to help gauge speed.”

“This packaging uses an optical illusion to make the vegetables look more green”

“My 9 year old nephew has found over 1500 “lucky” four leaf clovers and keeps them in a big binder.”

“Raspberry Oranges, a variation of blood oranges that are extremely dark”

“My new Periodic Table shower curtain includes 7 new elements that weren’t included when I bought the previous one about 15 years ago”

“There is a hotel in Madrid that labels room items by their name.”

“I received a piece of burning wood as a drink garnish”

Source: www.reddit.com

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