40+ Custom Vending Machines For Specialized Needs

“My Gym’s Vending Machine Organizes Water Based On It’s Temperature”

“Milk Dispenser In Greece”

“This Sriracha Vending Machine I Stumbled Upon In Japan Today”

“The Post Office Box Has A Vending Machine For Stamps And Parcels”

“My Hospital Has A Boba Tea Vending Machine. I Spent Almost Every Childhood Weekend In The Doctor’s Lounge At Some Point And Would Have Appreciated This”

“My Local Library’s Men’s Bathroom Has A Tampon Dispenser”

“This Flip-Flop Vending Machine I Found In Sidney”

“Vending Machines In Switzerland Sell Pregnancy Tests Called “Maybe Baby”‘

“A Supermarket I Visited In Germany Has A Bread Dispenser”

“Germany Has Meat Vending Machines”

“This Vending Machine In Istanbul Dispenses Dog Food For Homeless Dogs When People Put Bottles In For Recycling”

“Dallas Love Field Airport Offers Free Feminine Hygiene Products”

“This Machine Dispenses Food For Stray Animals Whenever Items Are Recycled Into It”

“This Train Station In Romania Has A Book Vending Machine”

“Taking Historic Architecture Into Account When Adding Vending Machines”

“Sunscreen Dispenser On Sydney Beaches”

“A Town In Serbia Started Using Recycling Machines That Also Feed Stray Dogs”

“Waiting For A Flight? This Airport Has A Machine That Teaches You How To Give CPR”

“Cake Dispenser In Toronto”

“This Vending Machine At The Hospital Sells Healthy, Affordable Meals”

“Short Story Dispenser At Los Angeles Public Library Central”

“Honey Dispenser At A Hotel In Japan”

“This Feminine Hygiene Product Dispenser Gives Tampons And Pads For Free”

“LEGO Vending Machine! Chicago O’Hare Airport”

“University Has A Vending Machine With All The Things You Need As A Student, From Sanitary Pads To A Powerbank”

“A Vending Machine Full Of Crochet Materials”

“Pharmacy In Spain Has A 24-Hour Vending Machine Outside For When It Is Closed”

“At The Cemetery In My Neighborhood There Is A Vending Machine Selling Grave Lanterns And Candles”

“Japanese Vending Machines Adapted To The Surroundings”

“This Butcher Has A Vending Machine For After Hours”

“This Bakery In Japan Puts Their Leftover Bread In A Vending Machine To Sell After Hours”

“Succulent Vending Machine In A Nearby Mall”

“My Workplace Installed Sunscreen Dispensers”

“A Cheese Vending Machine In A Mountain Village In Switzerland”

“I Buy Honey From Backroad Beekeeper Stands. This One Was On A Georgia Dirt Road”

“Vending Machine At The Oktoberfest Fair Grounds In Munich”

“My Hotel Has A Nutella Dispenser”

“In One Village In Czechia, They Have A Vending Machine For Potatoes, AKA The Potat-O-Mat. People Can Use It To Get Local Fresh Potatoes Just By Inserting A Few Coins”

“The machine is completely automatic.”

“Instead Of Sugary Treats, Fatty Chips, Or High-Calorie Sodas, A Vending Machine At This Elementary School Is Filled With Books”

“First Narcan Vending Machine In Austin At 4430 Menchaca”

“My University Installed A Free HIV Test Dispenser”

“This German Vending Machine Has Everything You Might Need During Your Hiking Tour: Pilsner Beer, Eggs, Goulash, White Beer, Aspic, Lemonade, And Goat Cheese”

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