40 People Who Had A Horrible Thanksgiving Experience

Cut A Lemon In Half And Place It Under Turkey Skin To Lighten The Mood This Thanksgiving

I’m Not Sad I’m Working Thanksgiving, I’m Sad My Donut Shop Is Closed


My 17 Year Old Cousin Made This For The Family Thanksgiving Party. Took Me A Good 30 Minutes To Notice

I Think The Neighbor’s Turkey Is Done

Last Year My Brother Had To Work On Thanksgiving. He Asked Me To Save Him A Little Bit Of Everything

Someone Asked Me What I Use To Marinate My Turkey, I Told Them I Use The Marinating Drawer In The Fridge… Why, What Do You Use?

Carving The Turkey

Got Snowed In So We Had To Work With What We Had. I Present Meatloaf “Turkey”, Complete With Little Smokie Stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Spent Thanksgiving Morning In ER Because I Had Sharp Pains In My Belly Area. Turns Out I Have An Ovarian Cyst. In The Spirit Of Giving Enjoy A Pic Of Me Doped Up On Morphine. Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner Was Lit

Happy Thanksgiving From My Little Sisters First Ever Turkey

Yes, A Happy Thanksgiving To All

Merry Thanksgiving

I Call This Performance Piece “Thanksgiving Eve”

Happy Thanksgiving

I Removed The Skin Before Carving My Turkey And Made A Thanksgiving Burrito

A Thanksgiving Classic

The Turkeys Might Have Been Burned But The Laughter And The Company Were All That Mattered. Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Fail. Someone Order The Pizza

Thanksgiving Is Cancelled

My Friend Dropped His Thanksgiving Turkey

The Turkey My Wife Bought For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Cake

Dog Pulled The Turkey Off The Counter And Shattered The Glass Dish It Was In

My Grocery Store Sells These Beauties

Thanksgiving Delight

Everyone Complains About Their Family After Thanksgiving, But Mine Truly Are Monsters

Jell-O Shot Casserole: Because I’m Too Lazy To Do Individual Shot Glasses. It’s The Perfect Thanksgiving Tradition

Really Looking Forward To Some Custard Pumpkin Pie For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2019, Have I Hit Rock Bottom?

My Apartment Building Burned Down This Afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving I Guess

Stayed Up Until 4 Am Baking My First Fully From Scratch Apple Pie For Thanksgiving. Stayed Up Until 4:30 Am Having A Breakdown Over Dropping It

My Thanksgiving Monstrosity

First Year Mom Trusted Me With The Turkey

Just An Fyi – These Are My 2 1/2 Hour Baked Biscuits. Easy Baking Instructions – Put Biscuits In Oven Then Leave For 2 1/2 Hours Then Come Home To A Smokey House

Why, Of All Days, On Thanksgiving

The Fruit Tart My Wife Made From Scratch. Happy Thanksgiving

The Way My Roommate Ate This Pie I Bought For Thanksgiving

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