40 Photos Prove That People Are So Talented And Creative

“I built a backyard treehouse!”

“I made this Dumbledore art quilt using scraps from my fabric stash.”

“My mom is learning how to sew. This chair-cover cooking set is her latest creation.”

“I built this for a family in Columbus, but I’m 100% going to build a full-sized one as my next house.”

“An absolute fairytale-inspired handmade dress”

“The bridge, another cat tree I just finished”

“Hand embroidery inspired by van Gogh”

“Santa’s Lock Box, a gift for my sister, who loves escape rooms, but hasn’t been able to do any lately.”

“I made a trash fort with a green roof.”

“I have now spent over 100 hours on it, finally finished!”

“My first self-made bookshelf insert. It‘s not perfect, but I love looking at it.”

“I made Dani from the movie Midsommar!”

“Made a wood resin comb, inspired by Patronus.”

“Finally finished Homer descending into French knots!”

“I made sleeping Bengal Kitties out of glass.”

“I really wanted wallpaper in our bathroom, but I couldn’t afford it. So I painted it!”

“My wife asked for a gold bicycle. I bought an old ’70s Ross kids bike and turn it into a low rider.”

“I built my daughter a loft bed for her 6th birthday!”

“Yesterday my little brother got married and it wasn’t your typical wedding. So I made him an atypical accessory: an embroidered pocket beagle. He loved it!”

“After rolling what felt like a million paper circles, I finished my rock agama”

“Sea Creatures Chess Set – I’ve been working on custom chess sets for a while now, and I think this is one of my favorites”

“Art therapy! <3 Poured this resin set and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out! ”


“I think I have an obsession with velvet yarn.”

“My new work. It was used 140 meters of unbleached cotton string.”

“Been working on this hand painted display cabinet for a few months”

“Finally used this champagne bottle I’ve been saving for months”

“After 6 months, my grandpas zen garden finally is ready for the art show.”

“My latest wire wrap. I had some fun experimenting with new weave patterns with this piece.”

“Translucent blue bottle fly pendant”

“I made this Mini Loft with crackling fire in the woodburner… It is a phone and tablet charging station!”

“Resin conversation bubble made by me. Set those boundaries!”

“Saturn planet pin embroidered by me”

“My father builds to-scale models of historic ships by hand. From soaking, bending, & staining the wood – to tying every knot, & stringing every pulley, to stitching every sail…”

“I made an unbirthday wonderland tea party mini using formed plastic and pvc board. I used air dry clay and pvc board to make the foods.”

“Vinyl Record Clocks I started making!”

“Chess pieces are from molds and chocolate melts.”

“Made some decorated cookies”

“Blue floral vintage lamp. Made of camel skin. Lamp is handmade. Kindly Share your remarks about this lamp.”

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