40 So Poignant And Fascinating Photos

“The apocalypse is beautiful this time of year. (Brazil)”

“Lake Baldeneysee in Essen, Germany.”

“My fellow Bangladesh countryman saving a dear from a flooding river.”

“Two roses in one!”

“This car in the parking lot.”

“I’ve been bored during lockdown, it’s made from cardboard and hot glue.”

“Persian rug map. Persian rugs are classified on the basis of region. Each region in Iran has its own style.”

“Bobby Fischer, considered by many to be the greatest chess player who ever lived, playing 50 opponents simultaneously in 1964. In this particular simultaneous exhibition, he won 47 of the matches, drew 2 and lost 1.”

“Unfinished 7th century rock cut indian hindu temple. The structure was carved out top to bottom from a giant rock. Similar to the Kailasha temple which was built around a century later.”

“Long exposure picture of plane taking off.”

“The Storseisundet Bridge in Norway.”

“The Game Boy that survived the Gulf War (1991)”

“An in progress shot of my cardboard church.”

“Albino Raccoon”

“Baby octopuses still in their eggs.”

“The wheels on this truck, moving parts of an off-shore oil rig.”

“President Lyndon B. Johnson owned a water-surfing car. He used to scare guests with it.”

“This gecko’s camouflage makes it look like a dry leaf.”

“When a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Seattle in 2001, shop owner Jason Ward discovered that the quake had produced this pattern in a sand-tracing pendulum.”

“Really well camouflaged owl.”

“A 3500 years old lighter, found among King Tutankhamun’s properties.”

“The interior of the Dujiangyan Zhongshuge bookstore.”

“Red-tailed black cockatoo”

“A Leopon is the Hybrid Offspring of a Male Leopard and a Lioness.”

“Street art in Berlin”

“Abandoned miners’ cottages in a slate quarry in Snowdonia, North Wales. The quarry closed in 1969 due to industry decline.”

“How clear the water is in the Himalayas.”

“A 2500-year-old Australian Antarctic Beech tree within an ancient rainforest, Southeastern Australia.”

“I travelled 300 kilometres away from my heavily light polluted city to capture this image of The Andromeda Galaxy.”

“A real Mercedes Benz G-Class suspended in resin.”

“This street view in Istanbul.”

“Mexico’s largest recorded weed plantation was hidden in plain sight under a black tarp in the desert (300 acres).”

“An agricultural engineer used this bear’s night raids as a test to determine which type of honey was the best. In multiple, double-blind trials, “Big boy” always preferred the rare, expensive anzer honey; followed closely by chestnut, flower, and pine-wood honey.”

“Due to lockdowns last year, the Himalayas were visible from nearly 200 km away in Saharanpur, India for the first time in 30 years.”

“There is a Banyan tree in Pakistan that has been chained and officially arrested since 1898. This happened when James Squid, a British officer thought the tree was moving towards him after drinking alcohol.”

“A really small sculpture”

“There is now a total of 11 people in space, the most since the shuttle era.”

“Stockholm Telephone Tower with about 5,500 telephone lines, 1890.”

“A Woodpecker’s acorn stash in a granary tree.”

“Huge ammonite fossil discovered near Fernie, British Columbia in 1947. These creatures lived back when all of BC was part of the ocean (200 million yrs ago)”

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