40 Powerful Historical Photos You Must See

“Mt. Rushmore Unpresidented, 1905”

“The Herculaneum Papyri Are More Than 1800 Papyri That Were Carbonized By The Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius (79 Ce)”

“The Swedish Warship Vasa. It Sank In 1628 Less Than A Mile Into Its Maiden Voyage And Was Recovered From The Sea Floor After 333 Years”

“A Couple Of Victorian Travelers, 1890s”

“Lady And Her Horse On A Snowy Day In 1899”

“An Open Air School In 1957, Netherlands”

“2000 Year-Old Roman Mosaic In Zeugma, Turkey”

“Maybe The Smartest People Ever Assembled In One Photo. Seventeen Of Them Are Nobel Prize Winners”

“Einstein is in the middle and Marie Curie two seats to the left. She won prizes in two separate scientific disciplines – still the only person have done so – 5th Solvay Conference on Quantum Mechanics, 1927. Photo was originally black and white and has been colorized”

“High-Rise Installer On One Of The Largest Bridges In The World, The Harbour Bridge, Sydney, 1971. The Installer’s Name Is Paul Hogan, In 15 Years He Will Be Known As “Crocodile” Dundee”

“The Ishtar Gate, Built By The Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II In Mesopotamia In 575 Bc”

“It was finished in glazed bricks mostly in blue and it was part of a grand walled processional way leading into the city. It’s now preserved in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin.”

“In 2010, A Family Discovered A Hidden Ancient Chappel Under Their House In Shropshire, England”

“This Is Yuri Valentinovich Knorozov, The Soviet Ethnographer Who Deciphered The Mayan Writing System, 1980”

“The Inside Of A 1926 Rolls-Royce”

“Where The Great Wall Of China Meets The Sea”

“Farmers “Arrest” The Sheriff Who Was Attempting To Evict A Woman From Her Farm On Behalf Of An Insurance Company. Michigan, 1952”

“Theodore Roosevelt’s Only Diary Entry On Valentine’s Day Of 1884, On The Day Both His Wife Alice And His Mother Martha Died, Just Hours After Each Other”

“A Boy Stares At A TV Screen For The First Time, 1948”

“Woman Taking A Selfie In 1900. The Camera She Is Holding Cost $1”

“A Child’s Carseat From 1950s”

“World War 1 Observation Posts Disguised As Trees”

“Children At An Early 1900s Playground”

“A Room From The Excavated Ruins Of Herculaneum – Destroyed During The Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius In 79 A.d”

“A ‘Knocker-Up’ In London (1929). Before Alarm Clocks, People Were Paid To Wake Up Clients For Work By Knocking On Their Doors And Windows With A Stick”

“Archeologists And Workers Pose In 1894 In Front Of The Well Preserved Statue Of Antinous (130 Bc). It Was Unearthed Near The Temple Of Apollo In The Sanctuary At Delphi, Greece”

“Welsh Royal Guard Falling Down Due To The Extreme Heat, None Of The Others Rescued Him To Not Break Their Rules, 1957”

“Teaching Each Other Their Respective Cultures”

“A Statue In Istanbul To Honor Tombili, A Famous Stray Cat. Tombili Would Sit In This Position And Watch People Pass By”

“Wedding Dress Made Out Of The Parachute That Saved Her Husband’s Life In Wwii”

“This Mirror Portrait Was Taken 100 Years Ago In Japan”

“1954 Camper With A Detachable Boat That Doubles As The Roof”

“Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It Opened To The Public In 1883”

“Photos Of A Sixteen-Year Old German Anti-Aircraft Soldier During WW2”

“The O’halloran Sisters, Armed With Poles And Boiling Water, Fended Off The Officers Evicting Their Family During The Irish Land War, 1889”

“When Both Sides Of The Eurotunnel First Met In 1990”

“Blackfoot Native Americans Looking Out Over Glacier National Park In Montana”

“Urban Planning Before Autocad”

“Indian Air Force Helicopter Unit 116”

“The Arctic Ocean Photographed In The Same Place, 105 Years Ago vs. Today”

“Oldest Door Still In Use In Rome, At The Pantheon”

“Hanako Was A Koi Fish Who Died At The Age Of 226”

“Afghan Streets, 1979”

“Soba Noodle Delivery In Tokyo, 1935”

“Self-Defense Glove For Ladies. London, 1850”

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