18 Photos Show How Awesome Life Is

“These colorful cars happened to be parked next to each other in the otherwise dull sea of grayscale cars.”

“My Brother got a can of cat food in his Halloween candy.”

“A lot of soda cans in Hawaii have a ribbed top.”

“A better pain scale at the doctor’s office.”

“Left a cup with a little bit of milk in my room, went out of town and came back to this ecosystem.”

“This book I bought had a $50 Canadian dollar in it.”

“A moth on my mini Buddha statue makes it look like Buddha’s wearing a coat or cape.”

“I’ve got a Burger King ketchup at McDonald’s”

“This walkway at The Miami International Airport”

“A cleaned silver shot glass next to its tarnished sibling.”

“Two stones I found on a lake shore perfectly fit one in the other.”

“American Food theme in a Lidl in Finland.”

“The Hercules Beetle, one of the largest flying insects in the world.”

“The most common items in my kid received on Halloween (Canada)..”

“My Star Trek TNG costume came with a ranking pip chart.”

“My odometer and trip meter showed all 2’s today.”

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