40 Really Fascinating Photos

This work clothing store in Ottawa has a Sub-Zero ‘Winter Simulator’ that allows you to test the clothes you’re buying in sub-zero temps and high winds.

A TV Reporter’s back

The photo at the ending of The Shining wasn’t staged but was actually a real photo from 1923 with Jack Nicholson edited into it

The front door of the White House – from the inside

Map of the interconnected world ocean

Behind the screen of a movie theater

Inside an Air Traffic Control tower

Whitney Wolverine, an ‘Atomic Age’ influenced .22 pistol from the 1950s

A nuclear explosion photographed less than one millisecond after detonation

A cargo of Chinese Ming porcelain from Ottoman shipwreck off the coast of Lebanon, the earliest found under the Mediterranean Sea, dating back some 400 years ago

The entirety of the 8,891- km land border between Canada and the U.S. is marked by a 6- m slash, where no trees are allowed to grow

Mike Tyson and his trainer, Cus D’Amato, before his first professional fight 3-6-1985

Tracking of an eagle over a twenty year period

1976 cost of living

Kylie Jenner (same day on Instagram vs on TV)

Notes before and after being prescribed adderall

Size difference between this Bald Eagle and Coyote, the Bald Eagle is warding the Coyote away from a Deer carcass. These images are from a trail cam in Pennsylvania.

Ammonium chloride has been used in cough medicine, and licorice is prized for its medicinal qualities. ⁠

Robert Duvall holding Marlon Brando’s lines on cue cards for a scene on the set of The Godfather. Rumor has it, Brando did not memorize his lines and used this technique throughout the entire movie’s filming.

Santiago, the capital of Chile, and the Andes Mountains

Hanksville, Utah is otherworldly

Mayan ruins of Uxmal

Even our Sun is tiny…

How dogs used to look like before inbreeding

Manute Bol playing defense in 1984 (At 7 ft 7 in tall, he was one of the tallest men ever to play in the National Basketball Association)

What bullets look like after impact

This is the swordbreaker, a type of parrying dagger designed to hook onto swinging blade and disable it

Magawa is a 7 y/o rat who was commissioned in Cambodia for sniffing landmines. In his 5 year career, he has surveyed 225,000 sq. metres of land and found 71 landmines and 38 bombs. He has now retired.

2,000 year old ancient portraits of Romans found in a necropolis in Egypt

The size of an eagle’s talon

Andre The Giant holding a regular sized can of beer

“This huge climbing wall in Copenhagen”

“I ordered a 119-year-old book online and quite a few pages are uncut — meaning no one ever read it.”

“My childhood doctor’s office has a mini door installed for the younger patients.”

“My Spanish sneakers have a map of Barcelona on the soles.”

“Years of a lock grinding on a brick”

“A perfectly round rock I found at the beach”

“This forgotten bike that grew into a tree”

Let’s not forget that the Rock is 6’5, 265 pounds

“I was lucky enough to see the Rainbow Eucalyptus today; it’s like something out of a fairy tale.”

“Found this $29,000 amethyst throne today.”

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