48 Photos Prove That Redneck Engineering Works

“An Upside Down Umbrella Keeps All Your Tools And Fittings From The Bottom Of The Ocean”

“Damn, That’s A Clean Duct Tape Paint Job”

“Homemade Alarm System’

“How To Do Laundry While Living In A Vehicle. Available Programs; Off-Road, Highway And City”

“How To Truck Camp In The Winter (Found In Local Classified)”

“I Give You The Double Decker Sofa. Ideal For Game Night With The Guys”

“It Caught On Fire Last Year. But This Year I Give You Portable Fire Pit 2.0”

“This Dude Was Towing A Shed With A Lawnmower”

“Seen At A Hospital In Argentina, Latin American Countries Are A Goldmine For These”

“I Took A Free Broken Laptop And Hooked It Up To A Monitor, Used The Monitor Box As The Holder. Been Using It Daily For Almost A Year No Problems”

“My Dad Sends Me A Picture Whenever He Uses The Turkey Fryer I Bought Him. Today, He’s Seemingly Cooking For The Guys At His Shop With The Help Of A 30t Overhead Crane”

“Okay, Sir, I Fixed Your Air Conditioner”

“So… The Analog Stick’s Head Broke And I End Up Gluing A Cork From A Wine Bottle… I Like It”

“Very Nice Shoe Dryer Prototype For You Guys”

“I Wanted An Outdoor Super Bowl Party, But I Threw Away The TV Stand Long Ago”

“Lost The Straw To My Wd-40. Attached A New One From The Capri Sun Of My Son”

“The Forbidden Cake Mixer, Made From An Electric Fan”

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