40+ Surprising Thrifting Discoveries

“Do You Need One Of These? Imagine Always Carrying Around This In Your Pocket Or Purse… Busting It Out When Someone Is Being A Total Whinebag”

“These Thrift Store Chairs Have Cushions With Celebrity Portraits On Them”

“Vintage Cat Novelty Transistor Radio, Made In Hong Kong Circa 1970s For $6.99. This Thing Really Cleaned Up Well With Goo Gone & Microfibre Cloth. What A Score!”

“Who Remembers This Vintage 1980s Playskool Flashlight That Had 3 Different Colours?”

“When Your 3 Year Old Wakes Up At 5am And You Aren’t Ready To Face The Day… A Couple Hot Wheels And This Hoodie Will Do The Trick!”

“t’s Been 45 Years And Cliff Still Can’t Get Over That Terrible Night In 1975 Lol”

“I’m Euro-Peeing My Pants!! Value Village In Pembroke Ontario Canada Is Selling 20 Euros For $34.99+tax ($39.54)!! You Can Buy This Bill At Any Bank For $29.68 With Todays Exchange Rate, Tax Free!! They Are Literally Selling Money For More Money!!! This… One… Takes… The… Cake!!! Absolutely Ridiculous!”

“Some Days I Love Value Village. Look At This 1986 Hasbro Jem & The Holograms Lunchbox With Thermos! Fantastic Condition. $19.99”

“So Value Village Is Selling Bags Of Pennies For $3.99 Each…. I Can’t Even…”

“Couple Of Better Pics Of The Now Very Infamous Ottawa Value Village Donated Casket – Taken By Paul J Bourque”

“Ultrasound Machine For Sale At A Thrift Store In Florida For $4,000! I Have Soooo Many Questions”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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