40+ Things You Don’t See This Stuff Every Day

“This is what the fruit from a magnolia tree looks like.”

“Found braided hair on a random ear in a corn maze.”

“Tour guides in Vietnam row with their feet.”

“A gorilla watching a video of a gorilla being a gorilla.”

“This tower of mirrors labyrinth looks like a glitch in reality.”

“This sea urchin I found is pretty neat.”

“Going through more donation bags, found this alphabet zipper.”

“Newborn pandas are as tiny as kittens.”

’’Went on a Disney cruise and was asked what I wanted for dessert. I said ’nothing’ and got this.’’

’’This mold on my pumpkin looks exactly like a beard!’’

’’There’s a place where you can do yoga with goats!! I had a blast.’’

’’I bought an old leather jacket from a thrift store and found this in the pocket.’’

’’Found this little trash heart in my work dumpster this morning.’’

’’I saw somebody walking a llama at the beach the other day.’’

’’Covered the Red Bull can with food nylon to keep it carbonated and got a perfect bubble.’’

’’This pencil is made from recycled denim.’’

’’Both of these are hairs from my beard. The one on the left is a result of a phenomenon known as pili multigemini.’’

“A very rare square coin”

’’Sleep pods available for rent in the Beijing airport’’

’’A Bob Ross energy drink I found at my local store today’’

’’This building in Turin, Italy has fake balconies painted on its side.’’

’’This potato looks like it has a very unimpressed expression.’’

’’Instead of servers at this restaurant I went to, they had cat robots that you could interact with by petting.’’

’’My frozen pizza had cardboard in between the toppings and the crust.’’

’’The alien lemon’’

’’This bookstore has a special section for banned books.’’

’’Went to Costco to grab a rotisserie chicken for the weekend, but this lady beat everyone to it.’’

’’A herd of sheep being moved through downtown Madrid, Spain’’

’’Mushrooms growing out of the bathroom floor in the accommodation I’ve just moved into”

“My girlfriend’s favorite hobby is getting my dog to pose using my computer.”

“My wedding was canceled and we never got to have photos done. We did a silly photo shoot today. I’ve never felt so beautiful.”

“My friend told me he met Christian Bale.”

“My brother got tired of his kids losing the TV remote, so he zip-tied it to a metal pole.”

“A friend of mine is making a blanket.”

“Someone in my city is filling potholes with mosaics.”

“My toothbrush wishing me a Happy Birthday”

“Someone painted this boulder to look like a Rubik’s Cube.”

“This house is held up by a single column.”

“A tree fell on my fence. I’m making the best of it while I negotiate the repair.”

“That time when I had too much time on my hands and spent way too long creating iPhone backgrounds”

“My dog holding her toy while she sleeps”

“My niece wanted to be a ghost for Halloween, so I obviously had no choice.”

“The Sphinx actually has a tail.”

“The smallest and largest keys we sell at my shop, as compared to a typical door key.”

“This is what a newborn hedgehog puppy looks like.”

“This beautiful coffee locust”

“The inside of the gas pump machine”

“Baby pigeons actually exist.”

“Tiny pink bananas”

“This pine branch is insanely thick.”

Source: brightside.me

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