40+ Times When Construction Went Horribly Wrong

“I Think The Roofers Got My Siding A Little Too Hot When Torching Down A New Roof”

“The Water Pipe In My Appartment That Just Finished Construction”

“Highway Pillar Hanging Out On Its Own”

“The Floor Of Sibling’s New Apartment Is Just A Tiny Bit Uneven”

“Is It Petty To Judge Ugly Plumbing If They Reversed The Feeds?”

“Something Is Out Of Place. If You Don’t Know What’s Wrong With This Picture, Please Don’t Install A Dryer At My Mother’s House Again. Thank You”

“Found A Love Outlet In The Wall”

“Some “Professional” Framer Gore For You”

“In A Working Day, Building Inspection. I Found This Art (This Work Of A Lazy Person)”

“Bathroom Door — Peekaboo”

“Must’ve Been Blindfolded While Caulking This”

“Transporting A Big Glass Panel By Helicopter”

“He Kicked The Wall And It Came Down On Him”

“How Does A Roof With Only A Powdered Sugar Amount Of Snow Look Like That”

Source: www.reddit.com

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