40 Unknown History Photos

“I Think The Saddest People Always Try Their Hardest To Make People Happy Because They Know What It’s Like To Feel Absolutely Worthless And They Don’t Want Anyone Else To Feel Like That.” Robin Williams

“She Was 11 When WWI Started, 36 When WWII Started, 74 When Star Wars Released And 116 When Covid-19 Started. And Her Name Is Kane Tanaka As The World’s Oldest Living Person At Age 118 Years”

“A Member Of The Harlem Hellfighters (369th Infantry Regiment) Poses For The Camera While Holding A Puppy He Saved During World War 1, 1918”

“Spanish Flu, 1918. Family Portrait”

“An Upset Little Patient After A Visit To The Dentist, 1920s”

“I Find Comfort Knowing That More Than 140 Years Ago People Were Taking Silly Pictures Of Their Pets, 1875”

“Little Boy About To Receive A Dog For His Birthday (1955)”

“A Newly-Born Lamb Snuggles Up To A Boy, 1940”

“Marlene Dietrich Is Detained At A Train Station In Paris In 1933 For Violating The Ban On Women Wearing Trousers”

“17 Year-Old Juliane Koepcke Was Sucked Out Of An Airplane In 1971 After It Was Struck By A Bolt Of Lightning. She Fell 2 Miles To The Ground, Strapped To Her Seat And Survived After She Endured 10 Days In The Amazon Jungle”

“Dad Showing Off His Skill To The Surprise Of His Little Daughter In Melbourne, Australia, 1940s”

“Princess Diana Meets Comedian Rowan Atkinson In 1984”

“Albert Einstein Wearing Fuzzy Slippers, 1950s”

“These Twins Toddlers On A Russian Street Are So Well Protected Against The Cold That They Look Like Penguins, 1968”

“In The Mid-1950’s, Italian Shoemakers Were Selling “Defense Shoes”, Complete With Spurs On Toes And Heels To Kick Away Offensive Sex Pests, Especially In Rome”

“Marriage Advice For Young Ladies From A Suffragette, 1918. The Pamphlet Is On Display At The Pontypridd Museum In Wales. The Suffragette Is Unknown”

“My Favorite Picture Of My Grandma & Grandpa. Taken The Summer After Their High School Graduation In 1950”

“Can We Just Acknowledge The Fact That These Two Were Married For 74 Years? I Can’t Imagine Being Coupled With Someone For That Amount Of Time And Then Losing Them. She Must Be Absolutely Devastated”

“Princess Diana Dancing With John Travolta At A White House Dinner, 1985”

“US Soldier Shakes Hand With A Dog In Luxembourg During The Battle Of Bulge, 1944”

“Sometimes Little Help Is All You Need, 1945”

“She’s In Someone’s Locket, 1940s”

“A French Woman With Her Baguette And Six Bottles Of Wine, Paris, France, 1945”

“Woman Cutting Her Birthday Cake In Tehran, Iran, 1973”

“A Knocker-Upper Was Someone Whose Sole Purpose Was To Wake People Up During A Time When Alarm Clocks Were Expensive And Not Very Reliable”

“In this photo, Mary Smith earned six pence a week using a pea shooter to shoot dried peas at the windows of sleeping workers in east london, 1930s. She would not leave a window until she was sure that the workers had woken up.”

“The Famous Photo Of Lady Diana Falling Asleep During An Official Royal Engagement, 1981. She Was Actually Pregnant With Prince William At The Time, However Her Pregnancy Had Yet To Be Announced”

“Ducklings Being Used As Part Of Medical Therapy In 1956”

“David Bowie Performs To A Huge Crowd In 1983”

“Steve And Terri Irwin, 1992”

“Keanu Reeves In Paris, 2003”

“Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Calling Their Moms After Winning The Oscar For Good Will Hunting, 1997”

“A Koala Drinks From A Spoon, Australia, 1900”

“A Young Man Demonstrating Against Low Pay For Teachers, 1930s”

“Safety Regulations In The 1960s”

“Nurses Showing A Set Of Newly Born Triplets To A Surprised Father In A New York City Hospital, 1946”

“Kangaroo Hits A Photographer For Trying To Photograph Him, 1967, England”

“Rowan Atkinson With His 1981 Aston Martin Vantage”

“Frida Kahlo Painting In Bed, 1950s”

“San Francisco’s Lombard Street In 1975”

Princess Fatemeh Khanum Was The Princess Of Persia. She Was The Daughter Of King Nasir Al-Din Shah Qajar, Who “Ruled Persia From 1848 To 1896. She Was Considered The Ultimate Symbol Of Beauty In Persia During The Early 1900s”

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