Why Are Comic Books So Popular?

Do you know someone who loves to collect and read comic books? Maybe they don’t read them; instead, they just collect them to put on display. Some of these comic books can be extremely expensive, especially if they are rare or favourites of collectors, which can make it a very expensive hobby to get into. But what exactly makes comic books so popular? Why is this something that people want to get into and embrace enthusiastically? Here we’ll break down some of the reasons why a person may want to get into reading and/or collecting comic books.

It Has Become a Culture

To say a person likes comic books almost feels like an understatement nowadays. Comic books have become their own culture and have morphed into something pretty massive. While the concept of comic books has been around for a long time, with the first one appearing in 1837 and published in Geneva, it wasn’t until 1933 when Famous Funnies came out in the US that people got a sense of today’s modern comic book. From this point on, the industry snowballed with new heroes and villains, engaging plots, longer books, spin-offs and more companies getting involved. Today’s comic book industry is now massive and has hardcore fans who attend industry events, seminars, fan signings, tours and more.

They Are the Inspiration for Many Popular Video and Online Games

Even if you have never picked up a comic book before, you are probably aware of the fact they have gone on to inspire all kinds of video and online games. Just take a look at a popular online casino such as luckynuggetcasino.com and you’ll see how so many trending games have been inspired by comic book characters and plots. The same goes for traditional console video games. This inspiration helps to draw in more players as the game will feel familiar to them, making it more engaging.

The Industry Has Been Open to Change and Evolution

There’s also the fact that the industry has managed to remain open to change and evolution, which allows it to appeal to a broader audience. There was a time when it was all about the superheroes, or even Archie and the gang, but things have changed and characters have more depth and variety than ever before. One of the biggest changes has been thanks to technology, as readers now have access to digital comics. The idea is that it makes the hobby more convenient to embrace. For some people this has been a wonderful evolution, and for others, they still like the idea of holding a physical book in their hands. Other ways the industry has changed include:

  • New genres have popped up and carved out a niche, e.g., horror, romance and fantasy
  • Independent publishers have become more respected
  • Reboots have become the norm, trying to revive life into dying series
  • Japanese manga has become massive

The comic book industry as a whole is a really interesting one that has been through plenty of changes over the years, and yet throughout all the changes, the industry has always improved and moved forward.

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