43 Really Cool Photos

“A hand drill from the early 1900s that I fully restored.”

“Unripe to ripe tomatoes and all the shades in between.”

“Toothpaste instead of junk food at this checkout.”

“This tiny star in a new train in Stockholm.”

“I wrote nearly a perfect @ symbol while doing my homework.”

“The way my windscreen froze.”

“This weird lemon that grew on our lemon tree.”

“My peeler gives pixelated looking peels.”

“I was born without finger or toe prints.”

“This bag of grass seed I left out for a couple months.”

“The Windows XP wallpaper is now a vineyard.”

“My dad found this old pamphlet advertising tourism to The World Trade Centre.”

“This mini greenhouse from the turtle shell lid to my son’s sandbox.”

“Mold on cream cheese.”

“This tomato looks like a rubber duckie.”

“My psycadelic shower.”

“I made tiny pizzas the size of pepperonis.”

“A small river going over another.”

“I made a really short ethernet cable.”

“Inside of this tomato looks like a perfect strawberry.”

“Local plant nursery has a guide to their pets that roam around greeting customers.”

“I got an extra samoa.”

“I inherited this small gap between my middle and ring finger from my dad. Both hands are like this.”

“Surprisingly voluminous trash cans in Amsterdam.”

“In my Shoprite, when the price of pies gets reduced, it gets reduced to Pi.”

“I have an official McDonalds sign.”

“There is a cigarette vending machine in Las Vegas that now sells art instead of cigarettes. For $5, you can have one of several original pocket-sized pieces of art.”

“The water making a perfect dome.”

“Believe this might be a lightning strike on a concrete sidewalk.”

“My pizza stone looks like a moon.”

“Walmart in Bowling Green, MO has a parking barn for the Amish buggies to keep their engines cool & fueled.”

“The way the snow melted on the back side of this sign.”

“An origami horse I made (folded fom a 45cm square)”

“Professional wrestler Bruce Hart was a substitute teacher at my school.”

“This BBQ setup my neighbour has that is hanging out of his living room window.”

“Sideways view of the Hyatt Atlanta elevator.”

“Some trams in Australia have spots for your surfboard.”

“Some of my metal drawings.”

“Someone knitted a spring hat for my local postbox.”

“My workshop fireplace made from an old excavator bucket.”

“Lighting I installed at a client’s 6500 sq ft man cave.”

“This shipping container house.”

“This restaurant has two different types of soaps for pre and post meal.”

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