45 People Fabricating Pictures For Internet Fame And Receiving Backlash

The online group exposed individuals who had fabricated images to gain attention and fame, and as a result, received backlash from the community.

“Management And Definitely Not Cody”

“No You Did Not Arrange It. They Fell Into That Shape When You Threw It”

“He Could Have Totally Landed Like That When Flipped”

“Looks To Me Like You Are Working At Wendy’s And You Took The Photo At The Prep Station. “Untrustworthy Nugget””

“Sure Didn’t Notice The Several Thousand Dollar Tab At The Checkout Screen”

“Removed The Safety Sheath, Tip Guard, And Tie Down And Then Poked An 8” Wüsthof Chef’s Knife Through My Amazon Box For This Picture”

“Cause It Makes Sense To Post This Outside Where Customers Can Read It”

“Found This In My High School Bathroom”

“I Just Finished This 1000 Piece Puzzle And Every Single Piece Is Missing”‘

“A Lot Of Empty Space In That Box, Almost As If A Response Was Planned To Be There”

“Accidentally Knocked My Salt Over, Is This Bad Luck?”

“Somebody Knocked Over My Fish Bowl And It Looks Oddly Like The Mona Lisa”

“My Tea Fell And It Looks Like A Dinosaur”

“Why Is The Plastic Open?”

“I Worked At Starbucks, You Couldn’t Fit All That In A Cup”

“Complete With Adult Handwriting”

Source: www.reddit.com

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