9 Curious And Captivating Facts About Your Own Anatomy

Explore these amazing and unexpected facts about the human body and its capabilities.

Our brains are the best flash drives in the world

Our brains have the insane ability to store 2.5 million GB of information. That’s roughly 300 years of video. Our memories reach their peak at the age of 25 and and unless you take the time to ‘train’ your memory, it will start to decrease at 50.

The body attempts to help you to prevent drowning

In a process known as the diving reflex, the body will realize that you are underwater (or at least your head is) will start to slow your heart rate and send blood to your vital organs in order to help conserve oxygen. The deeper you go, the slower your heart rate will be.

Baby strength

Babies happen to have incredible strength for their size and age. For the first three months of their lives, babies are able to grasp onto things with their palms with a grip that could hold their own body weight for a considerable amount of time. This ability is said to have been inherited from our ancestors.

You have a LOT of blood vessels.

100,000 miles. That is the amount of blood vessels your average adult has when laid out in a straight line. That is enough to go around the equator 2.5 times. Our heart pumps about 5.7 million litres of blood throughout our lives. That’s 3 Olympic-sized pools.

Dreaming in colour

study has shown that the type of tv you watch can affect how you see your dreams. The study revealed that people who grew up watching monochrome televisions typically have very dull and monochrome dreams. Alternatively, people who watch bright coloured televisions often dream in bright colours.

Our muscles can lift a lot more than we realize

You’ve heard all of the stories in which someone was able to save someone’s life by lifting a car or some other incredibly heavy object, right? Well, in some instances this can actually happen- adrenaline can allow our muscles to lift a ton of weight. In fact, the actual physical limit of the 640 muscles in the human body are truly unknown.

We produce a lot of… liquids

On average, an adult produces about 1.5 liters of snot and 1 liter of saliva per day. What do you think it is that we’re swallowing every few seconds without really thinking about it? We also produce 3 liters of stomach juices, 1 liter of bile and 3.5 liters of intestinal juice.

Brain goo

Held in place by a special membrane, brain fluid may occasionally leak out of your nose in the form of a clear liquid. We often mistake this for a mild runny nose, but it is, in fact, brain fluid.

Your body is brilliant at protecting itself

Despite the fact that, yes, on occasion we do catch a cold or a flu, your body does an incredible job at protecting itself. White blood cells rush to the scene to destroy any potentially harmful cells that enter your body. In the time it took for you to read that, 22 million cells in your body died. In the next 30 seconds, your body will produce 72 million more red blood cells and will destroy 174,000 old skin cells to be replaced.

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