45 People Share Their Odd Family Photos

“I Took My 2002 Senior Year Photo With My Bird, Jeff. It Made The Yearbook. Ten Years Later, I Caught Him Reflecting On Our Long History. Sentimentality In Its Truest Form”

“This Old Picture Of My Great-Grandmother, Far Left, Makes It Look Like The Cameraman Just Stumbled Into A Secret Meeting Of The Grandmas”

“This Is A Picture Of My Brother. The Photographer Was Trying To Get Him To Look At The Camera And He Snapped His Fingers And Accidentally Scared My Brother- Perfect Timing”

“Here Is My Sister Jan’s Graduation Photo In 1968 At 18, And A Redo That We Did In 2014 At 64”

“I’m A Father To A 5-Year Old. Glad I Made The Cut”

“This Pic Is My Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister And Her Husband, Me And My Demonic-Looking Son. This Family Portrait Was Taken In The 80s…we Were Really A Scary Crew”

“I Was 45 Minutes Into Family Pictures With Two Hungry And Crabby Kiddos. Nothing Was Good. The Photographer Asked Me Five Times If I Really Wanted To Buy The Pics And I Said Absolutely Yes. This Was My Most Popular Christmas Picture Ever”

“My Dad Used To Swing Me Around In A Tiny Garbage Can And It Was So Much Fun. I Didn’t Know It Was Weird Until I Asked Around And Found Out That No One Else’s Dads Swung Them Around In Garbage Cans”

“I Looked Over 40 But Was Actually 12”

“Here’s My Mom And Dad In September 1970. This Was Always My Favorite Photo From Their Wedding Because It’s Just So Cornball. You Have To Give Credit To The Photographer For The Picture Of My Dad In The TV. This Was Years Before Photoshop, So I’m Not Sure How The Heck He Pulled This Trick Off”

“My Dad (Sitting In Bench, Right) With His Rock Star Wedding Party In 1987”

“This Is Of My Older Sister, Perfect In All Pictures, And Older Brother’s Gigantically Chubby Head. The Photographer Thought This Was The Best Picture Of The Whole Shoot. My Mom Thought It Was Hilarious And Horrifying, So Of Course She Bought It”

“My Friend Mike’s Rock Star Mullet When He Was Two Years Old In 1989 In Fairbanks, Alaska. I Think It’s One Of The Best Photos On Earth”

“For My Daughter’s 12th Birthday Party, We Made Masks Of Her Obsession, George Michael, For All Of The Little Girls. Didn’t Realize How Scary It Would Look When They Pulled Them All On At The Same Time”

“Another Win For The Panoramic Camera Function”

“I Made My Cat A Work From Home Set Up”

“This Was Taken In 1990, Alberta Canada. Can You Tell My Mom Used To Do My Dad’s Hair?”

“Here’s My Old Breakdancing Crew, The Suburban Street Rockers, In 1985”

“Our Daughter Wanted To Throw Rocks Not Flowers At My Cousin’s Wedding”

“This Is The Way My Mother Found My Sister Sleeping. In Her Pajamas She Has A Puppet, A Stuffed Monkey, A Stuffed Seal, Two Blankets, And A Watch”

“This Is My Husband And Four Children. We Asked The Kids To Sit Down With Dad To Get Their Pictures Together, But My Daughter Didn’t Want To Be In The Picture, So We Said, “Okay, Just Stay Over There.” I Started To Take The Picture And She Got Even More Upset For Being Left Out Of The Picture. As You Can See My Husband Was Also Annoyed!”

“Took My 3rd Son To A Photographer For His Baptism (Which Was 1 Year Late Due To Covid) And They Went A Little Over The Top With The Green Screen Backgrounds”

“This Was My Senior Picture And My Mom Thought It Would Be A Great Idea To Pose With Some Of My Cabbage Patch Collection Of Dolls. For Some Reason, I Decided To Go With The Sultry Look. The Rest Is History As You Can See”

“This Photo Of My 6 Month Old Brother Was Taken On My Second Birthday. Apparently My Siblings Thought It Would Be Hilarious To Tie Balloons To All Of His Limbs And My Parents Were Just Like, ‘Whatever.’ He Was The Eighth Child, So I Guess By Then Nothing Mattered”

“When I Was A Senior In High School, I Was Obsessed With Mountain Dew. I Would Have Like Six A Day, Any Size. There Was Never A Time One Was Not In My Hand. So For My Senior Photos, I Thought It Was Going To Be A Great Idea To Make A Throne Of Mountain Dew To Sit On. I Went Out The Morning Of My Photos And Bought Six 24-Packs To Build My Throne. It Took Me A Few Weeks To Get Through All Of It. It’s Hilarious Now Because I Don’t Drink Mountain Dew Anymore”

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