45 Very Rare Celebrity Photos

Alfred Hitchcock And A Baby On The Set Of The Birds (1963)

Salvador Dali, 1930s

Mj vs. Mj

Elton John At Dodger Stadium, 1975

Grace Kelly’s Wedding To Prince Rainier III

Audrey Hepburn Jumping. 1955.

Young Heath Ledger

Rare Photo Of Kermit The Frog And Jim Henson

Goldie Hawn, 1964

Ella Fitzgerald Was Born 4/26/1917. Here She Is Recording In The Studio With Louis Armstrong

Captain Kirk And Spock Eating And Having A Laugh

Christopher Reeve And Robin Williams

Marilyn Monroe Smile

Louis Armstrong Playing Trumpet For His Wife, Lucille, In Front Of The Great Sphinx And Pyramids In Giza, Egypt

Paul Mccartney And Daughter

Here Is A Rare Photo From The First Day Daniel Radcliffe Met Rupert Grint


Elvis Signing An Autograph

Original Star Wars Cast

Brothers Joaquin And River Phoenix

Johnny Depp Holding A Super-Soaker On The Set Of “Sleepy Hollow”

Johnny Cash Performing For Prisoners At Folsom Prison. January 13, 1968

Shirley Temple, 1928.

Marlon Brando, Before And After Makeup For Portraying Don Corleone In The Godfather

Young Robin Williams In Front Of The Famous Comedy Store

Paul Newman And Clint Eastwood

Princess Diana’s Dance With John Travolta At A White House State Dinner On November 9, 1985

Young Meryl Streep

Nancy Reagan With Mr. T. Christmas, 1983

Elizabeth Taylor Photographed By Robert Vose For The Look Magazine, 1956

Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams & Dante Basco On The Set Of Hook

The Beatles, 1957. John Lennon – 16 Years Old, George Harrison And Paul Mccartney – 15

Pacino And De Niro

Muhammad Ali Trains In A Pool At The Sir John Hotel In Miami, 1961

One Of The Most Beautiful/Real Photos Of Marilyn Monroe Taken By Richard Avedon. He Caught Her Off Guard


Prince Harry, Prince William And Princess Diana

Young Leonardo Dicaprio

Feeding Hannibal Lecter A French Fry On The Scene Of Silence Of The Lambs

Young Johnny Depp

Billie Holliday

Sophia Loren Was Born On September 20th, 1934

Young John Lennon With His Puppy

Meryl Streep Was Born On June 22nd, 1949

Leonardo Dicaprio On The Set Of “Critters 3”

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