46 People Who Achieved Amazing Progress

“I did all of this in one year!”

“My art progress in needle felting”

“I started doing astrophotography from my backyard one year ago, and this is my progress!”

“I recreated my 2018 New Year’s cake to see my progress in cake decorating.”

“I painted my kitchen cabinets and added black accessories. Now my kitchen looks totally different.”

“Exactly one year of hair growth”

“After 31 years of chronic nail-biting, I finally kicked the habit.”

“I lost 78 pounds in 2.5 years. It’s crazy, I don’t realize how much weight I’ve lost until I look at side-by-side pics.”

“The first cat I made vs The one I made one year later”

“The first dress I made and the one I’m not ashamed to wear in public.”

“Renovated my house on wheels.”

“My self-portrait at 5, 21, and 24.”

“My first and my fifth attempt at making macaroons.”

“I grew hair for 4 years.”

“Before and after processing the Andromeda Galaxy from my backyard”

“The image is processed to remove light pollution, color balance, and boost faint details. Nothing artificial is added. You could literally input the before picture into nearly any image editor and arrive at the second image. The trick is that the first image is absolutely massive, nearly half a gig large and full of faint details.”

“The first hard disk from 1965 compared to some modern ones”

“18 months apart”

“A hair dryer in 1958 and in 2019”

“I started imaging Saturn 2 years ago today. This is my progress.”

“Before and after a 40-pound weight loss — I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel.”

“One year of makeup practice — there’s still room for improvement but I’m happy with how this look turned out.”

“I like to draw an eyeball every few years to mark my progress, this year I’m really proud.” Both are drawings.

“This is a visual of my progress in becoming a happier and healthier person with the help of therapy and the proper medication.”

“My makeup progress: a colorful look in 2014 and today!”

“My 90-year-old grandmother’s handwriting before and after her focused ultrasound essential tremor treatment”

“My latest ceramic project next to my first one, 2 years worth of progress”

“We found this plant in the trash a year and a half ago, and look at it now.”

“Jo was adopted 3 months ago. I hardly recognize her in earlier pictures, and I can’t believe how fluffy she’s gotten.”

Source: brightside.me

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