46 Archeological Wonders You Probably Don’t Know About

“A Gothic-Styled Spiral Staircase Carved From A Single Tree In 1851, In Lednice Castle, Czech Republic, As A Symbol Of Progressing Toward The Ultimate Step, With Our Goals”

“A 4852 Year Old Located Ancient Mountain Aras Cypress At Tandooreh National Park, Iran”

“Stairway To Heaven, The Ancient Inca Road That Leads To Machu Picchu, In Peru”

“Cloister University Of Glasgow, Scotland”

“The Buried Bodies Of The Iconic Easter Island Moai Basalt Statues, Built By The Rapa Nui People Between 1250-1500 Ce, With Petroglyphs Carved On Their Back”

“2000-Year-Old Sapphire Ring Presumably Belonging To Roman Emperor Caligula, Thought To Depict His Fourth Wife Caesonia”

“The Bracelet That Gave Its Name To A Famous House In Pompeii: “The House Of The Gold Bracelet”.two-Headed Snake, With Glass Eyes, Holding A Medallion With The Image Of Diana”

“A Wooden Sarcophagus Rises From The Sand In Abydos After Thousands Of Years In Silence, Egypt”

“Seljuk Box With A Combination Lock, Cast And Hammered Brass, Inlaid With Silver And Copper. From Iran, 1200-1201”

“Emerald Wine Cup18th Century. India (Mughal) Carved Emeralds Set With Gold Mounts Dated”

“A Roman Amphora Filled With Gold Coins Discovered In Como, Italy”

“Bracelet Of Tutankhamun With Scarab. Gold, Lapiz Lazuli, Carnelian, Turquoise, Quartzite. New Kingdom: 18th Dynasty: Tutankhamun Resent Location: Egyptian Museum”

“Gate Of All Nations Also Known As Gate Of Xerses At Persepolis, Iran 486-465 Bc”

“Hieroglyphic Writing On The Wall Of The Mortuary Temple Of Ramesses III At Medinet Habu On The Western Bank Of Luxor, Egypt, Built Around 1186-1156 Bce”

“Prehistoric Rock Carving Of A Whole Bunch Of Deer. Bayankhongor, Mongolia”

“Carpet-Like Mosaic Located In Hisham’s Palace, Built By One Of The Early Muslim Caliphates Between 724 And 743 Ad. In The West Bank City Of Jericho, It Is Made Up Of 38 Panels Depicting Geometric, Floral Designs”

“1920s Hearse”

“1920 C. This Is Perhaps The Most “Liked” Post I Ever Made! So Here It Is Again, Just In Case You Missed It! Bangle Bracelet Of Yellow Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Plique-Jour And Cameo. From Art Nouveau Around The World, Fb”

“Delikkemer Is One Of The Original Roman Hydrology Engineering Works In Anatolia And It Was Built To Meet The Water Needs Of Patara, The Capital Of The Ancient Lycian Region”

“Lapis Lazuli And Gold Horus Falcon. Egyptian, Late Period, Dynasty 27”

“The Caryatids, erechtheion, acropolis Of Athens”

“Jade Plaque With Carved Out Openwork Of Bird Motifs Mounted In A Frame Of Gold Adorned With Rubies, Sapphires And Jade. China, Late Jin Or Early Yuan Dynasty. 13th To 14th Century Ad”

“Azteec Tecpatl Obsidian Knives”

“A Viking Era Ring Inscribed With The Words ‘For Allah’, Found In The Grave Of A Woman Who Was Buried 1200 Years Ago In Birka, 25 Km West Of Modern-Day Stockholm. The Ring Constitutes A Unique Material Evidence Of Direct Contact Between The Vikings And The Abbasid Caliphate”


“Viking Runestones Of The Swedish Countryside, 1899-1945”

“Colombia. El Peñón De Guatapé Is A Rock Formation Bordering A Lake”

“‘A Cluster Of Rats’, A Japanese Netsuke (Small Sculpture) Dated Late 19th Century”

“A Roman Road Discovered While Excavating For A New McDonald’s In Marino, Italy. They Incorporated A Glass Floor In The Restaurant After Excavations Were Complete”

“The Construction Of Metal Clamps That Hold Giant Stone Blocks Together. There Are Structures That Have Stood For Thousands Of Years Are Still Standing”

“The Talisman Of Charlemagne, C. 768-814. Two Large Cabochon Sapphires – One Oval, One Square – Enclose Holy Relics (What Are Supposed To Be A Remnant Of The Holy Cross And A Small Piece Of The Virgin’s Hair, Visible Only When Looking Through The Oval Sapphire At The Front Of The Medallion.) The Other Gemstones Are Garnets, Emeralds, And Pearls”

“Gold Rings From Anglo-Saxon England, 8th-10th Century Ad”

“Aspendos , Antalya-Turkey”

“Temple Of Khnum, Esna, Egypt”

“A Tiny Devil Vitrified In A Prism Of Glass. In The 18th Century, The Imperial Treasury Of Vienna Attested That This Was A Real Demon Which Had Been Trapped In Glass During An Exorcism In Germany A Century Earlier. ⁣from The Kunsthistorisches Museum Collection, Vienna”

“The Stone Spheres Of Costa Rica Are An Assortment Of Over 300 Petrospheres Located On The Diquis Delta On Isla Del Cano. They Are Sometimes Also Called The Diquis Stones, After Their Supposed Creators, The Diquis Culture”


“Persepolis, Iran”

“Roman Mosaic: Reclining Skeleton With The Caption ‘Know Thyself’, C. 4th Century Ad. Now On Display At The Baths Of Diocletian In Rome, Italy”

“Crown Of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph I, Craft By Jan Vermeyen Of Antwerp In 1602. From The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna”

“Drinking Horn And Cover With Figures Of Griffin And Mermaid.date: Ca. 1630place Of Origin: Northern Germany, Brnomedium: Bison Horn, Precious Stones, Silver-Gilt”

“Neolithic Pictographs Depicting People With Their Limbs Bent As If They Were Swimming. Date: 10.000 Years Ago. Cave Of The Swimmers, Gilf Kebir Plateau, Egypt”

“Gold Buckle Depicting A Xiongnu Horseman, Uncovered In Tajikistan, 2nd-1st Century Bc. Housed At The National Museum Of Antiquities Tajikistan”

“Our Historical Artifacts Are Our Historical Values”

“The Great Sphinx Of Gizathe Great Sphinx Of Giza Was Built By The Egyptians Of The Old Kingdom During The Reign Of Khafre (C. 2558–2532 Bc), Whose Face It Probably Represents. It Is One Of The Oldest Known Monumental Sculptures In Egypt And Is Widely Known Worldwide”

“Iron-Age Swords From The Villanovan Culture, 9th-7th Century Bc”

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