49 People Who Should Never ‘DIY’ Ever

“The Pillow My Mom Made Me Really Ties The Room Together”

“My Sister Legitimately Tried To Paint A Picture Of Stevie Wonder For My Dad On His Birthday”

“My Husband Said: “Stay Still. I’m Going Try To Draw You.” Then He Showed Me This. I Laughed So Hard I Almost Threw Up. Look At The Feet”

“This Clay Sculpture Fell Perfectly Flat On Its Face And Looks Not Happy About It”

“My 4 Year Old Found Permanent Markers And Is So Proud That He Is Now Darth Maul”

“My Wife Knitted A Hat For Our Bull Terrier, But I Think It Works Better On The Whippet”

“I Named Her Barry B. Benson”

“I realized 3 things while making this bee. 1) Don’t buy jumbo size yarn. 2) The magic ring is hard to do with jumbo size yarn. 3) Free-handing a project will get you drastically different results. She kinda looks like a bee and a caterpillar.”

“My Boyfriend Painted Our Dog”

“My Mum Tried To Make My Sister A Teddy Bear. I Present Quasimodo In Bear Form”

“Tried To Crochet My Mum A Frog And Everything Went Wrong”

“After Numerous Failed Projects, Finally A Success. A Slipper That Would Fit An Elephant. Now I Just Have To Acquire An Elephant”

“I Took My Art Very Seriously In High School And Thought I Was Pretty Good. Looking Back At This Piece, I May Have Been In Denial”

“Make A Beret But Fail So Marvelously It Makes You Look Like An Angry Mushroom From Mario”

“The Top Is Pottery That My Mom Got In Germany, The Bottom Is My Attempt To Make It In My Ceramics Class”

“All I Know Is That Somewhere Along The Line A Mistake Might Have Been Made”

“They Stand Up On Their Own. i Have Brought Shame To My Knitting Name”

“I Tried To Paint My Girlfriend”

“Some Interesting Face Paint I Had Done As A Child”

“Clearing Out Some Old DVDs And Found This Custom Case I Hand-Crafted Myself”

“Cat Found A New Scratch Post In My Latest Portrait. Lesson Learned = Never Leave A Clay Portrait In The House With A Cat. Make A Good Horror Sculpture Though”

“My Friend Got Married Yesterday And Was Gifted A Handmade Quilt”

“My Friend Got His Dreads Cut Off, His Mom Turned Them Into A Cat Bed”

“My Friend Just Knitted A Fox Cowell Hood. Expectations vs. Reality”

“So My Girlfriend Attempted To Sew Me A Monkey”

“Failed Rug. I Did Not Sew It On A Flat Surface So I Couldn’t See I Was Wrapping Each Round Too Tight, And Now It Won’t Lay Flat. At Least The Cat Likes It”

“Not All My Crafts Turn Out How I Imagine Them”

“When You Find Out Yarn Weight And Needle Size Matter In A Pattern”

“This Painting My Grandmother Copied”

“The First Sweater I Ever Made”

“It Has Pockets. 38 Of Them”

“I Made A Replica Of My Ear Out Of Boredom”

“My Daughter Says I Look Like I Should Be Singing In The Church Choir. My Second Attempt At A Dress, Second Fail”

“My Grandmother Took Various Socks From My Laundry Basket And Sewed Them Into A Pair Of Tiny Rugs. I Have No Clue Why”

“I Tried Making My First Pair Of Pants Today. I Goofed, But The Result Was Hilarious (I Fixed Them And Finished)”

“A Friend Of Mine Tried Painting A Rock Like The One She Saw Online”

“I’m Known Far And Wide For My Incredible Sculpting Abilities. The Next Michelangelo, They Call Me. I Am A Play Dough Artiste And Joan Rivers (RIP) Is My Muse”

“First Time Trying To Make A Bunny Didn’t Turn Out The Way I Expected”

“My Wife Is A Talented Artist, So She Wanted To Make The White Owl Instead Of Buying It Pre-Made”

“These Blue Jeans Were My Favorite. However, Bleach Got On The Bottom Of It. Since I Had Left Over Fabric, I Got The Bright Idea To Create Bell Bottoms Out Of It”

“Beanie Fail. Can You Tell This Is My First Time?”

“What It Was Supposed To Look And What I Did Crocheted”

“Tried To Make A Hiding Place In A Book”

“Fail: Beanie I Was Making, Apparently For A Cone Head. I Started Over After Pic”

“Decided To Paint My PS3 Controller”

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