46 People Whose Photoshop Skills Are Equal To Zero

“Was Looking At Dog Ramps For My Aging Lab On Amazon And The Example Pic Is Clearly A Lab With Spots Added In Ms Paint”

“Someone From My School Actually Posted This”

“Amazing! In Less Than 24 Hours After The Ohio “Stay-At-Home” Order Was Announced, British Revolutionary War Soldiers Began To Return To Cleveland. Nature Is So Resilient!”

“This Ad For A Back-Straightening”

“Found These While Looking At Black Contacts”

“Dad Got Divorced, Used Paint To Erase His Ex-Wife”

“Probably My Favorite Photoshop Fail. This Was Apparently Done By A Pro For $200, All The Images Are Like This”

“Found This From A Company That Claims To Make “3D Realistic Floor Art””

“Wow, Grass That Stays Green In Wintertime! (Found On Zillow)”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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