40+ Crazy Celebrity Doppelgangers

“I Was Told To Post This Here, But My Dad With Jimmy Fallon’s Wax Figure!”

“Bus Willis”

“Ed Sheeran And His Mom Back When He Was A Baby Girl”

“Iron Deficiency Man”

“Samantha L. Jackson”

“Ghanaian Will Smith”

“Kanye East”

“Jeff Goldblum Stopped My Brother In Lax A Few Years Back After Commenting That They Looked A Lot Alike. He Was Thrilled To Say The Least (:”

“Michelle Jackson”

“I’m Convinced My Brother Was The Model For The Agent From “Bolt” And You Can’t Change My Mind!”

“Mr. Thai Bean”

“25 Cent”

“Partial Mathers”

“Danny Dorito”

“Austen Flowers. International Woman Of Misery”

“Danny Burrito”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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