46 Photos Thar Are So Fascinating

“Spacesuit evolution”

“Oldest door still in use in Rome, at the Pantheon. Cast in bronze for emperor Hadrian’s rebuilding, it dates from about 115 AD. Each door is solid bronze 2.3 m wide & 7.5 m high, yet so well balanced they can be pushed or pulled open easily by one person.”

“CT head scan on a horse”

“1997 in a Nutshell”

“Japanese vending machine adapted to the surroundings”

“Sky camping in the mountains of China”

“Conversation Pits from the 70s”

“Portaledge – how mountain climbers slee”

“A different side of Afghanistan”

“This is considered to be the most realistic painting in the world”

“How Every Parking Sign Should Be”

“Interior and controls of garbage truck”

“Eating in public as a celebrity”

“The interior of 1982 model Aston Martin Lagonda”

“Monument in Georgia has instructions in 8 different languages on how to rebuild society after an apocalyptic event. It also functions as a compass, calendar and clock.”

“The stoplights in the town I’m at in Iceland are heart-shaped.”

“A tattoo under a macro lens”

“My cat’s food bowl looks like a lion.”

“This mailbox is a mini-replica of its owner’s house.”

“The original 1900s key to my property and the present-day key”

“This squash looks like a sleeping duck.”

“My uranium glass collection under a black light”

“My local library moved into an old grocery store.”

“Is it a huge safety pin or a tiny hand?”

“A cubic window”

“What a fertile valley looks like from above”

“A hummingbird chilled on my phone today.”

“The other end of the rainbow was in my backyard.”

“Cut open some red pineapples at work.”

“An unhappy sunflower”

“I painted these Alpacas on the street at an art festival.”

“This storm rolling in was surreal.”

“A teeny tiny frog perching on its leaf”

“I made this stack of s’mores at a chalk festival in North Dakota.”

“A bee completely covered in pollen that I found in the garden today.”

“It’s a bear cloud.”

“The beautiful tail on this lizard I saw.”

“A massive bald eagle feather I found.”

“I think the squirrels in my backyard are just casually mocking me at this point.”

“This would have been useful back in school.”

“This is a very effective McCafé ad.”

“This restaurant built its roof around the tree to preserve it.”

“Someone’s car was upgraded with bottle caps.”

“This business puts QR codes onto their cookies.”

“This juice bottle makes it look like there is a gecko inside.”

“This was spotted out in the wild this afternoon.”

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