46 Photos You’ll Hate Looking At If You Have Megalophobia

“Underwater Waterfall Near Ile Maurice”

“Namib Desert Meets Atlantic Ocean”

“Frozen Waves In Antarctica”

“A Rare Optic Sight, The “Brocken Spectre,” Which Occurs When A Person Stands At A Higher Altitude In The Mountains And Sees His Shadow Cast On A Cloud At A Lower Altitude”

“The Swedish Warship Vasa”

“The Sheer Size Of The Pacific”

“A Truly Astounding Image. A Street In Macau With The Grand Lisboa Casino Looming In The Background”

“This Sinkhole In Guatemala City”

“All The Vastness Of The Canadian Rockies As Seen From 8,000ft Above Kananaski Country”

“A Mountain In Iceland”

“The Naga Cave In Thailand Looks Like A Giant Petrified Snake”

“Almost Looks Like If You Tripped You’d Roll Forever Into The Icy Horizon”

“Mirny, Russia, Diamond Mining Town”

“A British Scientist Descending Into An Antarctic Crevasse”

“Behold The Largest Animal To Ever Live”

“Ship Breaking. One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The WorldShip Breaking. One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World”

“Titanic vs. The Largest Modern Cruise Ships”

“This May Be The Largest Turtle Ever Recorded On Camera”

“Weta Workshop’s Realistic Giants For The Dubai Expo”

“Colossal Underbelly Of An Iceberg”

“World’s Largest Log Cabin”

“Proposed 400-Foot Human-Shaped Electricity Pylons In Iceland”

“A Bridge That Also Served As A Prison. Ronda, Spain”

“Esso Hibernia Tanker Under Construction UK 1970”

“Shelf Cloud In South Jersey At June 21 2017”

“The Fact That Elephant Seals Grow Up To 13 Feet And 4500 Pounds Blew Me Away”

“Enormous Sheet Of Ice Floating Away Unassumingly”

“The Captive Orca Tilikum Looking At Its Trainers”

“There Have Only Been 4 Human Deaths Caused By Orcas As Of 2019, And Tilikum Was Responsible For 3 Of Them”

“Aerium In Berlin, Germany. Built In 1938. ”

“View Near The Chongqing Megastructure”

“The Largest Hotel In The World, With A Staggering 10,000 Rooms Is Currently Under Construction In Saudi Arabia”

“I’m Honestly Surprised That This Nightmare From The 2012 London Olympics Never Found Its Way Here”

Source: old.reddit.com

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