48 A Bit Confusing Photos

“Just about had a heart attack. The shadow made it look like my work laptop was folded.”

“The column behind my head makes it look like it was printed on paper.”

“My wife told me to look toward the camera, so I turned my head.”

“My buddy’s cup before our final exam looked pretty weird on the table.”

“Was shocked to find out my brother had mentioned nothing of my niece’s new levitation ability.”

“The view from my friend’s room makes it look like the light is in the middle of the sky.”

“The pool looks like it is missing a wall, and the path lines up nicely.”

“This arrow is not misaligned.”

“There are 4 people in this pic.”

“Took this photo while on a train. Check out the white jacket, it bears a resemblance.”

“Accidentally took this picture and did a double take on the lens cap.”

“The view from the top of the mountain in my car looks like I’m flying.”

“Who left the turkey out? Oh, okay…”

“A seagull carrying a small human”

“My son, floating in a chair”

“From this angle, it looks like my cat has 3 legs.”

“You might want to take a bite of this bread roll, but it’s a geode.”

“There is more than just 1 cat, can you find it?”

“Does this dog have 2 balls in its mouth or is its mouth closed?”

“This picture of my friend’s daughter looks like she’s levitating and missing both legs.”

“My mom popped outside for some air at the theatre and I couldn’t tell which one she was.”

“I accidentally took a pic of my dog at a weird angle and most people can’t tell if he’s at the top or bottom of the stairs.”

“Brother-in-law made these. I took a bite expecting a hotdog. They’re doughnuts.”

“A twig? No, a moth!”

“My favorite rug”

“This rainbow at sunset looks like a giant planet.”

“An alligator floating in the sky”

“This picture of my cat in a box looks like a polaroid picture.”

“A floating truck canopy”

“Quick outfit check with the boyfriend turned me into an amputee.”

“The reflection makes this look like an oil painting.”

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