48 Findings That Were Completely Surprising

’’Inside of this tomato looks like a perfect strawberry.’’

’’I found this crazy icicle connected to a small hole in the metal handrail.’’

’’Hiking through the woods on a hot day, came across this oasis.’’

’’This fox I encountered on my school’s campus.’’

’’I came across this tree while walking through a forest in Japan.’’

’’I thought it was a backpack at first.’’

’’We found a secret recording device under the break room table at work.’’

’’A giant iridescent blue worm I came across while hiking in Vietnam.’’

’’This red box hidden in a tree-hole has a heart drawn on it, with a note inside.’’

’’I found this car in Hollywood.’’

’’I went for a nice drive to get my mind off of finals and this is what I came across.’’

’’When you like your trunk so much you get a second one.’’

’’As I was waiting to pick up my luggage from the airport I witnessed this peculiar sight.’’

“Our Airbnb has a goat. She is very flexible.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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