49 Photos Prove That Caption Can Change Your Perception

“Man With Curly Hair About To Dive Into The Water”

“Trashy Bride Lets It All Hang Out”

“Crowd At A Concert”

“This Hole Right In The Middle Of My Kitchen”

“Homemade Baguette And Nutella”

“My New Eyeglasses Are Blurry”

“Huge Underwater Iceberg”

“Vista Of Jupiter”

“Giraffes Enjoy A Serengeti Sunset”

“Train Speeding Down A Old Tunnel”

“Man Taking Bath With Burnt Corpse”

“My Friend Tweeted Me The Lunch Salad She Was About To Eat”

“Delicious Sushi”

“Mark Zuckerberg At Home Sick In Bed”

“Unfortunate Split In Leather Couch”

“Aww Man, My Glazed Pastries Came Out All Wrong!”

“Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls”

“A Bowl Of Spaghetti-O’s With A Side Of Avocado”

“Getting Some Fresh Air”

“Stunning Aerial View Of The Amazon River”

“My @$$hole Cat Always Loves To Sit Over The Stuff I Leave In The Table…”

“Firewood Splitting Apart”

“Crazy Bacterial Growth After Swabbing And Culturing My Work Keyboard”

“An Advanced Elevator System In Japan”

“This Giant Antelope Skull I Found In The Desert”

“Impressive Splits For A Bride With Very Long Legs”

“Someone Drew A Crab On My Sheet Music”

“My Pan Left A Burn Mark On The Sheet”

“Dog With Horribly Deformed Nose”

“Girl’s Mangled Leg Injury”

“Frame From The Matrix (1999) Where A Mouse Cursor Was Accidentally Left In.”

“The Head Of Great Pharaoh Cleopatra”

“A Bunch Of Bananas”

“Surfer Rides Rare Double Tube Wave”

“Microscopic View Of Tweezers Picking Up An Organism”

“Cosplayers Headed To Frogcon 2018”

“Ducks Swimming On The Lake”

“Throwing A Dog Out Of A Helicopter”

“Pretty Girl Showing Off Her Homemade Inuit Doll”

“A Sewing Needle Going Through A Cotton Sheet”

“New McDonald’s Chocolate Sundae”


“This Massive Ethernet Hub”

“Molten Lava As It Flows Through Rocks”

“My Pokémoncard Collection.”

“Those Chickens Look So Happy!”

“My Brand New Motherboard”

“Uncooked Bacon”

“Tom Cruise On The Set Of Top Gun (1985)”

“This Massive Watermelon Seed”

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