50 Fun Things To Do At Home

The COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong. Many of us have not yet started going out. Thus, it is easy to get bored to death. See, regardless of whether you have kids at home or not, there is no dearth of things that you can do by yourself even when you are home. Of course, it is not safe to go out, but you can certainly invite your friends at home or try out these activities with your family members. We have compiled a list of 50 things that you can do at home.

  • Have an indoor picnic

Take out your picnic basket, lay down a mattress on the floor, and eat like you are having a picnic. This can be both romantic and family-friendly, just how you like it.

  • Hold a costume night

Mia, an associate who offers do my java homework service, says that she held a costume dinner night with her three best friends at home, and it was truly the best night during all this while. Sounds like something you could try too?

  • Plan an indoor scavenger hunt

Hide some things, and list out all the things that people co-living with you can find. Have a small prize for the one who wins.

  • Learn nail art

You can find endless tutorials online. Start with simple, and move on to complicated ones.

  • Plant seedlings

Wanted to do gardening always, but never got the time? Now is the time. You can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, or small plants.

  1. Hold a board game night

There is no better way to spend some quality family time than having a board game night, says Sonya, an associate who offers assignment help Australia.

  • Learn cooking

Watch a YouTube tutorial, and then bring out the MasterChef in you.

  • Make Christmas cards for friends and family

Holidays are going to be alone this time. So, why not make some handmade cards, and mail them to your friends and family.

  • Solve a puzzle

You can find good puzzles in newspapers, it sure is a good relaxation method.

  • Make jewelry at home

Again see some tutorials and get started. The thing with jewelry making is you have almost all the supplies you need at your home. (Well, most of them!)

  • Take up reading

Unable to complete a book? Well, now that you are not going to step out of your home, take it up.

  • Have a water balloon fight

If it is cold, fill them with lukewarm water.

  • Practice yoga

It is perfect for all age groups. You can enroll in some online yoga classes and work on your fitness and mental peace.

  • Invent your writing code

Well, it is perfect for young kids. You can invent a code, and write each other messages.

  • Have a photoshoot in your backyard

You do not want to leave the feed empty only because you are not going out. So, gather some props and all your fancy outfits, and get yourself clicked. You can even order a tripod and self-click yourself.

  • Learn calligraphy

There is no better time than working on your handwriting. You can get a kit or start by yourself.

  • Have a BBQ

If it is cold, this can be a fun night.

  • Invent your own board game

Design a board, have your own fun rules, and get playing.

  • Give yourself a good spa night

Put on relaxing music, light up some scented candles, warm the water, and dip your legs, wear a face mask, go all out and pamper yourself.

  • Play charades

Jasmine, an online python tutor, says that she and her family have been having a fun charade night every night since past two months. Well, this game never gets old.

  • Make a scrapbook

Perfect time to put together some old and new memories.

  • Conduct an obstacle course

Hey, make it challenging, so kids have to put in some effort to do it.

  1. Collect bugs

Perfect activity for all you budding entomologists.

  • Wash your furry friend

Pamper them, and spend some quality time with them.

  • Wash your car

It is time to undertake some maintenance work that you have long been postponing.

  • Stargaze

Stay up late at night, and look at stars with your partner.

  1. Build a bird house

Build and decorate a bird house – The perfect spring activity.

  • Make a play-doh

Ideal for kids, and you can throw it when you are done.

  • Write your autobiography

Of course, you do not have to get it published, but recollect everything you have done in your life, and write it. Perfect means for self-expression.

  • Rearrange your room

Perfect time to de-clutter and organize the stuff you own. Get rid of all the extras.

  • Write a play or a movie

You can cast your own family for this.

  • Learn line dancing

Use YouTube tutorials and shave a leg.

  • Conduct a talent show

Host a show with your family and friends, and have them present their hidden talents.

  • Learn to juggle

Start small, and work your skill up.

  • Organise a paper plane race

Something we all did as kids.

  • Make a rope swing

Have a tree in the backyard, make a swing around it, and spend your evenings sipping coffee there.

  • Learn a yoyo trick

Make it easy for you to break the ice when you meet people in person.

  • Perfect your skills

If you have a skill, get better at it.

  • Line up dominoes

Make some intricate and fun patterns before you watch them drop.

  • Research some new careers

Considering changing careers? It is time to do research.

  • Study a new course

Take up an online course, and learn a new skill.

  • Learn string games

How about cats in the cradle?

  • Learn some clapping games

Perfect for both teens and kids.

  • Watch some old home movies

It is perfect way to look back on the best moments in your life back in the day.

  • Build a fort

Create a fort with a blanket. It can be one of the fun things to do with your kids.

  • Make a kite

Make a kite, and fly it on a windy day.

  • Learn a sign language

Take an online tutorial and get started.

  • Learn a morse code

You can craft your own messages.

  • Bake some treats and share it with neighbors

You and your neighbors are stuck in the same situation, so bake a few treats, and share it with them.

  • Solve a crossword

You can 100% solve one with regular practice.

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