50 Laughable Design Mistakes

“A sock model not wearing socks”

“He’s at the 30! The 40! The 30! The 40!”

“This Spider-Man children’s ride has a visible panty line.”

“The locked symbol also looks unlocked.”

“These cups stacked horizontally instead of vertically, taking up all the walking space”

“A shop promotes shoes in a trashcan.”

“When you need to turn on your AC, you’ll have to open your cabinets.”

“Let’s play tic tac toe. I’ll start.”

“I think I’ve found the worst playground.”

“Whoever sits in these seats is gonna have a hell of a view.”

“The more I look at it, the more uneven it is in every way.”

“I’m on a bus — they use an environmentally friendly cup, but apparently it leaks so they just put a plastic cup beneath.”

“These plastic chrome pieces on my steering wheel reflect the sunlight directly into my eyes while driving.”

“Thought this was a broken hula hoop at my local store until I picked up another. Turns out it’s the actual design.”

“11 buttons to control brightness, and it still doesn’t go to 100% brightness.”

“Student housing not being designed for people to live in”

Source: brightside.me

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