15+ Individuals Who Wish They Had Prepared Meals at Home

“Ordered a bagel with cream cheese….thanks?”

“Are straws really necessary?”

“Ordered mac’n’cheese from a not-unfancy Italian restaurant on my street and got this.”

“An otherwise incredibly delicious Caesar salad, made as inconvenient to eat as possible.”

“Delicious tiramisu —but served in a coffee press”

“Friends ordered a precooked Turkey from a local restaurant.”

“A local pizzeria started using a dough ball instead of the plastic thingies to keep the pizza intact.”

“They ordered a vegetarian pizza and, technically, that’s what they got.”

“The ample amount of lettuce used to wrap my burger when I request no bun.”

“Someone clearly dropped the pizza, but neither place will refund! The delivery service blames the pizza place for dropping it, and the pizza place blames them.”

“I ordered a Big Mac without the extra 3rd bun. What is this?”

“Getting raw chicken and no refund.”

“This was listed on the menu as a ‘breaded pork tenderloin sandwich.’ At this point, why even bother with a bun?”

“They discovered another way to present nachos with cheese. Not their best idea.”

“I waited a total of 1.5 hours at a pretentious ski lounge for this…”

“Sure, you ordered iced tea, but you never specified that you wanted it in a glass.”

“These things were advertised as ‘pizzas.’ €15 each”

“Our corn chips came in a Rusty bucket.”

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