50 Photos Show What Life Looked Like 50-100 Years Ago

“My Grandma And Uncle In Iran, April 1971”

“Young Woman Dressed For An Evening Out, Detroit, 1968”

“”Cairo Mary,” Bouncer At Shanghai Reds (5th And Beacon In San Pedro, Ca) Escorts A Customer To The Door. 1953″

“This Is My Great Aunt In Front Of Their House In Boston, 1964. The House Was Bought On A Milkman’s Salary”

“My Kitty … Harlem, NY, 1949”

“My Grandfather And His Horse, Ruby. 1940’s”

“My Dad Died This Week, And I Was Going Through Photos For The Memorial Slideshow. Here Are My Parents In A Very Early 70’s Kitchen, But Mostly I Really Like How They Are Looking At Each Other”

“”Sits Down Spotted”- Crow Nation, Fort Keogh, Montana, 1881. Photo By L.A. Huffman”

“A Young Woman Posing For A Studio Portrait, Kentucky, Circa 1890-1910”

“Children In A Traditional Minobashi Raincoat Going To A New Year’s Event, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, 1956”

“An Elderly Woman Reading A Book With A Cat On Her Lap, 1944”

“My Great Grandmother In Her 50s Probably Taken Around The 70s Or 80s”

“Adelaide Springett, Who Was So Ashamed At The State Of Her Boots She Took Them Off, Stand For A Photograph In London, 1901. Photo By Horace Warner”

“Three Young Ladies Posing With A Friend. Circa 1930”

“Four Generations, Circa 1905, Location Unknown”

“My Mother Rose, June 16, 1959”

“My Grandfather And Friends In The Amache Internment Camp In Colorado, Circa 1942. He Was About 15 When This Photo Was Taken; He Passed Away Last Month At 94”

“A Young Man Demonstrating Against Low Pay For Teachers, Ca. 1930. “I Left School To Earn $21 A Week. My Teacher’s Pay Is $17.78 A Week.” Photo: Paul Thompson”

“Isaac And Rosa, Emancipated Slave Children From New Orleans, 1863”

“Butterfly Boy, New York City, 1949”

“1930 – My Second Great Aunt Sara (Right) And Her Mother Manuela (Sitting) And Aunt Emilia. Caja Espíritu, Huancavelica, Perú. The Only Photo That Exists Of Mama Manuela.”

“(1964) Engineer Karen Leadlay Working On The Analog Computers In The Space Division Of General Dynamics”

“A Casual Portrait Of A Woman Smiling, 1880”

“A Man With His Cat, Early 1900s”

“This Kid Is A Water Heater For Halloween, Circa 1979”

“Little Girl Roaring At A Stuffed Grizzly Bear At The Sportsman’s Show In The Chicago Coliseum. Chicago, Illinois, 1967”

“Two Women At A Bar, New York C. 1945. Photo By Weegee”

“Young Dutch Mother With Her Baby In A Wooden Pram. Netherlands, 1929”

“I Went My Whole Life Not Seeing Photos Of My Mexican Family, Until Today. Hope You Enjoy These Photos Of My Family In Nayarit, Mexico, In The Early 1900s As Much As I Do!”

“Creole Woman C. 1860”

“”World’s Largest Log Cabin”. Portland, Oregon, USA, 1938. Built In 1905, Burned Down In 1964″

“Teddy Girls In 1955 – Their Subculture Centred Around A Still-Bomb-Damaged London”

“Teenage Sisters Gertrude And Ursula Falke. Germany, 1906”

“My Aunt Estie, Who Passed Away Today, High School Graduation, The Bronx 1945”

“My Parents In The Mid 1940s. I’ve Always Loved This Picture”

“Rescuing A Horse That Fell In The Canal. Amsterdam, 1929”

“Glorious Kodachrome Shot Of A Lady All Dressed Up On Her Car. Guessing It To Be 1950s?”

“Me Circa 1965 In A Suit And Bow Tie Made By My Mom. She Made All Our Clothes Back Then”

“Kids Protesting The Dst. New York, 1939”

“The Fate And Feet Of Three Chinese Girls – A Bare Footed Slave, A Girl With Bound Feet, And A Christian With Unbound Feet – Ca. Early 1900s”

“Portrait Of A Young Woman From Denmark. Photographed In 1895”

“Mother And Son. Lisdoonvarna, Ireland C. 1890”

“‘I Love You So Much!’ Boy And Dog Circa Mid 1950s”

“In Paris, 1966. Photographer: Jack Garofalo”

“A Photo Of Central Park In NYC During The Great Depression (1933)”

“Jaws Inspects The Halloween Loot, 1976”

“Rural American Life In The First Half Of The 20th Century, By Mike Disfarmer, Whose Life Was A Mystery, And Whose Work Was Only Discovered Posthumously”

“My Sister And I With A Friend’s Pet Dik-Dik, 1968”

“Me Circa 1968-1969. Those Sideburns Though”

“My Jute Weaver Great-Grandmother And Children (Including My Granny Standing At The Back). Dundee, Scotland 1915”

Credits:  old.reddit.com

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