A House Is Only As Strong As It’s Foundation

“A few of the piles supporting this hillside deck are beginning to lean over.”

“This was a brick foundation we inspected that is desperately begging for assistance.”

“This is a severe retaining wall crack on the backside of a property in LA.”

“One more heavy rain and this bad boy just might give way.”

“Stones and dust holding up a post under a home. They did it right in the 1920s… Not.”

“The entire outside perimeter hardscape of this home was sinking by almost a foot and was pulling away from the rest of the structure.”

“This was an area of a hillside home that was not being retained by an actual retaining wall.”

“Here we have a garage on top of an extended slab footing.”

“This photo was sent to me by one of our in-house engineers.”

“This is the result of a creeping hillside and shallow pile placement.”

“This large, 14-foot masonry wall cracked and began leaning over.”

“Had to throw the whole house away.”

“This property’s crawlspace had tons of moisture underneath.”

“This is an unstable hillside area with a home built on top.”

“This subterranean basement had a window that opened up into an open area underground.”

“Water was constantly getting into the wall. This is the ugly result.”

“This is a home we inspected that toppled over a few days after being hit by a car.”

“This is a full-on bomb shelter underneath a concrete slab garage. This early ’40s bunker hid behind a massive steel door, which led to a staircase going down to complete darkness.”

“This is a job we’re currently working on in Malibu.”

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