According to science, these scents are naturally erotic

We’ve all been there. Those moments of sheer intensity when you’re trying to figure out what scent you should be wearing for that first date, night out, or whatever the occasion may be. You’ve got deodorant and cologne/perfume. Some people put a lot of thought into these things, some people could care less. But at the end of the day, we all have our preferences when it comes to what scents we like and don’t like.

As it turns out, science apparently says that you can toss out your $80.00 bottle of cologne, because there are a ton of natural scents that have more aphrodisiacal properties than most store bought scents.



Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie contains both vanilla and cinnamon. One study showed us that a combination scent of pumpkin pie and lavender increased penile flow by 40% and vaginal flow by 11%.



Lily Flowers

The scent of a lily is delicate and sweet. A study showed us that a lily scent turned up 11% of men.




Studies have shown that lots of women love the smell of almonds, and that it affects them more than it does men.




The scent of basil is said to have a positive effect in rejuvenating your sex drive.




Vanilla is a scent that induces both relaxation and euphoria. It is also an ingredient used in a ton of perfumes and colognes. It has also been recommended by physicians as an elixir that helps boost male potency since the early 1700s.



Banana Nut Bread

Studies have found that the scent of banana nut bread has a powerful effect on female arousal.



Mint Leaves

Studies have shown that the scent of peppermint has the ability to increase the possibility of multiple orgasms in women.




Sandalwood has been used as a massage oil for sexual rituals for centuries.




Ginger root has been used as a natural aphrodisiac since the days of Ancient Rome.




Cinnamon is generally accepted as one of the most arousing scents in the world. A study showed us that the scent of cinnamon increased flow to the penis more than any other scent used in the test.



Black Licorice

A study showed us that the scent of licorice has a strong affect on the sex drive of a woman. The combination of licorice and cola is said to have a strong affect on both men and women.




The scent of an orange aroused 20% of men in one study.




The scent of lavender is said to relax people and give them the feeling of being nurtured. Even Cleopatra herself apparently used he scent of lavender to seduce both Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony.



Black Pepper

Arabic cultures have been praising black pepper and its virtues for its arousing properties. Hot spices have the ability to induce many of the same responses as sex, such as sweating, increased heart rate, and heavy breathing.




The scent of fresh popcorn has been shown to increase arousal by nearly 10%.




Jasmine has been used for centuries around the world for its erotic properties.




The scent of a rose is loved by women all around the world. In come countries, men have been known to rub rose-scented oils behind their ears to arouse women.


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