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Fun Facts About The Human Dick

The human dick…no not the ass hole at the bar from the last night, the thing between your legs. Here are a few fun facts about the dick that you may not know. There are two correct plural terms for …

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How Much the Human Body is Worth

Euro to Dollar conversion Corneas: $16,087.50 Skeleton: $5,367.05 Lungs: $220,935 Heart: $455,869.88 Kidney: $112,612.50 Liver: $111,540 Blood: $241.38/pint Skin: $6.44/inch Bones and ligaments: $3,861.49 Electricity: $131.93/year Car travel: $308.49 100 tb of storage: $2,681.31 Pumping power value: $91.17/year

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Famous Celebs: Science in Motion!

Einstein’s Logic Crushed by Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan bravely questions Einstein’s theory of insanity. Lindsay’s theory of persistence flies right in the face of Einstein’s revolutionary idea. She has consistently proven, with verifiable evidence, that if you do drugs and …

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