Adorable Pup Loves To Bully His Sister

Archie has loved to sit on his sister, rescue bully Tallulah, since he was just a puppy.

“My dogs are my “kids” and my favorite thing to do is take picture of their crazy antics,” Jennifer explained. “Tallulah is an approximately 4 year old bully breed that we adopted almost 3 years ago from a wonderful rescue in our area called Fetch A Friend,” the woman went on to describe Tallulah. Apparently, the bully is around 45 pounds! “[She’s] an absolute cuddle bug and thinks she is Queen of everything,” Tyler told us.

“Archie is a 135 pound, 2 year old Cane Corso ( aka Italian Mastiff) that we brought home when he was 8 weeks old,” Jennifer described Archie. “His and Tallulah’s bond was immediate. They are the absolute best of friends,” the owner detailed the two pooches’ relationship.

“Their favorite thing to do, besides Archie sitting on her, is to play tug of war, chase each other for hours, and then pass out on top of each other,” Tyler told Bored Panda. And looking at the pictures, it’s quite apparent that the two are definitely a big fan of each other!

Since Jennifer first shared the post on Facebook, people flocked to it, leaving over a thousand of comments and 12k likes. “Everyone’s reaction was so lovely!,” Jennifer said, “people loved the bond that these two obviously have”. Turns out, everyone really enjoys the size difference between the doggies and find it absolutely hilarious!

Sometimes Tallulah gives Archie a taste of his own medicine!

When asked about what the dogs are currently doing, Jennifer attached a photo of the pooches cuddled together on a doggy bed. “At this moment Tallulah and her “little” brother Archie are doing what they do best, cuddling together,” she said.

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