This Is Why Being A Girl Is Not Easy

There are some things that men should already know.

You have to overcome a lot of things in a relationship.

Nature: “In general, men’s and women’s faces look the same. There are some differences, but we’re still the same species.” Almost every animation studio:

Why should we set a limit?

But some days are truly special.

“I sent these texts to my boyfriend. And he bought all of it.”

This one is easy!

A perfect job is often invisible.

“I tried a mask on for a photography project, left it on the toilet lid, and completely forgot about it. When I walked into my bathroom 2 hours later, I got pretty scared.”

When you’re still an introvert, even when you don’t have to talk directly to the retail associates:

“I’ve been saying to my girlfriend for a month that a bag she really wanted is horrible and that she shouldn’t buy it. I just decided to give it to her as a gift.”

When coming up with trivial excuses is not your style:

“I decided to not spend any more time giving hints.”

When bragging about buying a new iPhone wasn’t cool yet:

Guys’ observations are sometimes pretty precise.

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