Asteroids VS. New York City

Alvaro Gracia Montoya compared asteroids to New York City in an awesome 3D animation video

As it turns out, the asteroids in our Solar System are huge!

It took the animator a whole month to make the video

“My channel is specialized in size comparison. I saw that there were almost no videos about asteroids, so I thought it would be a good idea to make one,” the animator told Bored Panda.

“The project took almost a month to complete,” he revealed how long he had to work on the clip.

We were interested to know whether Alvaro thought that Planet Earth is threatened by asteroids. According to him, we have enough problems already and shouldn’t be worrying about asteroids. However, he did point out that it’s important to keep in mind that some asteroids might be dangerous in the future, in which case it’s vital to make sure they don’t collide with Earth.

“Although some are very large, the most dangerous are the small ones because they are more difficult to detect,” he said.

Finally, we asked Alvaro whether he always wanted to be a 3D animator: “I have always liked making videos on YouTube, especially animations, but I never knew it, I discovered animation along the way.”

He added that new 3D animators should follow their hearts and do what they like best: “This way, it will be easier.”

This isn’t the first time that Alvaro the artist has grappled with the cosmos. Previously, he created an awesome animation comparing the sizes of the planets, moons, and other celestial objects found in our Solar System. You can watch his video by following this link right here.

You can watch the full animation video right here!

Scientists simulated an asteroid hitting New York

Speaking of asteroids and New York City, did you know that NASA’s studied the possible outcomes of what would happen if one of those crashed there? Yup, NASA actually made a simulation of a 200-foot-wide asteroid plowing into (arguably) the greatest city on Earth.

According to scientists, an asteroid of such size would hit New York with the force of a thousand suns nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The impact alone would cause up to 1.3 million fatalities as Central Park and lower Manhattan would be completely decimated. But worry not, dear Readers!

The simulation was conducted at the Planetary Defence Conference (A+ for coming up with that name) with the intent of keeping those nasty asteroids away from our blue gem of a planet. Scientists at the conference had 8 fictional years to plan space missions and try to knock the asteroid off course.

“I think the exercise illustrated how time is the most valuable asset when it comes to asteroid hazards,” said Richard Binzel, a professor of planetary science at MIT and a participant in the simulation. “In reality, having many decades of warning gives us multiple options and multiple tries to prevent catastrophe.”

So if an asteroid does start flying towards Earth, we’ll know about it well in advance. Plus, we’ll get to sign up for the Planetary Defence Force, use huge lasers and plasma guns, fly around in spaceships and save the world! (Probably!)

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