When You Have (Almost) Everything Under Control

(cont.) “Just consistently do a bunch of small steps and make the daily routine steps better than the last time you did them even if its just hanging a broom neatly vs just throwing it in a closet. It is that one degree of change until you’ve suddenly come full circle.”

(cont.) “It’s obvious for an organized person how to use a calendar, but I wasn’t one of those. Had notes, appointments, to do lists, etc strewn all over my desk, in my bag, in my head (of course those where the ones I forgot instantly).

Now I have a calendar. It goes where I go. It is the one place where I write down all my s@#t and I check it twice a day, first in the morning and then when I finish up work for the day.

Changed my life.”

(cont.) “Nothing else has ever helped me more. I used to even pay bills and rent late and wasted a ton of money on late fees.”

(cont.) “Finally start therapy. Eat vegetables or fruit at least 1-2 times each day. Yeah, a smoothie counts. Clean your room and bathroom at least once every 2-3 weeks. Forgive yourself but hold yourself accountable when you do, inevitably, screw up.”

(cont.) “Talk “as if” you’re confident, act “as if” you belong, act “as if” you deserve success. If you believe in something hard enough it improves your odds of getting that thing.”

(cont.) “… it’d be pretty terrible if one day there was nothing else to improve.”

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