Awesome Mansion Has A Whole Town In It’s Basement

Don’t let this $4.5M mansion gem deceive you—all the fun is underneath it.

This woman tweeted the insane listing and it went viral

Welcome to the magnificent 12089 sq ft property on Highland Farm Rd in Potomac, MD

The property is located on 4 immaculately landscaped acres in the prestigious Round Hill enclave of Potomac, according to the advert. It’s comprised of the main residence featuring seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, ten fireplaces, six-zone heating, a two-bedroom guest house, pool house and pool, and lighted tennis court.

The same listing ad indicates that the “unique offering” was constructed by Patrick Cullinane, known for building extremely elaborate mansions. A very similarly styled estate built by Cullinane in 1989 was listed for sale for a whopping $7.5M.

The luxurious entry foyer greets you with an eagle sculpture on the right

Light interior meets indulgent design

And there’s always music in the air

Cullinane is considered one of the key figures of the luxury class building boom, which dates back to the ’70s and ’80s in the area of Potomac. According to the Washington Post archive, Cullinane’s creation, which had a six-pillared front portico leading to a 20-foot-high great hall with 18 by 26 feet of marble floor, was an absolute highlight in the area. Back in 1977, such a mansion would have set you back $600,000.

Floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases are here to tell more about the owners than thousands of words

For the naps with a view

The dining room brings everyone together

And this family room has an eclectic collection of art objects

If it’s a dream, I don’t want to wake up

Walking from one room to another is a treat on its own

One of the countless bedrooms designed to recharge you for the next day

The bathroom is no longer a necessity in this mansion; it’s an indulgence

You’d better treat your laundry like you’d treat your friends—with love, care, and affection

And this is where it gets even better—welcome to the basement!

It features real and working retro cars ready to give you the ride of a lifetime

The post office and movie theater are among the 15 miscellaneous displays

No evening promenade can go without cobblestone streets

I wonder if Blair Inn happens to have a room for the night

No mansion is ever complete without the billiards area

This playground for the kids will make your Sunday mimosas hassle-free

If you’re ever feeling rustic village vibes, you may just forget you live in a mansion

We’re not done yet without a pool house in that building

Everyone deserves one minute for themselves

The new owners will be able to dive deep to forget their problems

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