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Random and Hot pics of the week – Leenks

Instagram Hot Girls You Should Follow – Katy Jo – 12thblog

Amazon just dropped a huge surprise sale on all things fall—shop the best deals – Amazon

Daughter Confesses To Killing Mother During News Report (video) – Leenks

The World’s First Dick-Pic Researcher – Mel Magazine

21 Actors Who Landed Huge Roles In Bizarre Ways – Cracked

One Woman’s Life-Changing Quest to Have Sex with 100 Different People – Esquire

This Insane Loan Term On A Used Porsche Shows That Even Rich People Can Be Dumb At Math – Jalopnik

An effective alarm clock that puts all others to pasture – Amazon

It’s Weirdly Hard To Steal Mark Zuckerberg’s Trash – The Outline

Sophie Mudd was blessed with a small frame and massive bewbs – Drunken Stepfather

10 Chilling Facts About Serial Killer Albert Fish – Listverse

What It’s Like to Be a Celibate Pedophile – The Cut.

This McLaren Senna Lego Building Kit Is Pretty Badass! – Amazon

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