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Fit girls are fine – Leenks

34 Hilariously Weird Things Caught on Camera – MindBlow

50 Hottest Girls In Tight Dresses – 12thblog

Psychedelic therapy could ‘reset’ depressed brain – BBC

Awesome Ideas For Your St. Patrick’s Day – CheerCrank

The Virtue of Delayed Gratification – Mark Manson

Scientists want to store DNA of 6.7 million species on the moon, just in case – Live Science

ISS Ditches 2.9-Ton Pallet of Batteries, Creating Its Most Massive Piece of Space Trash – Gizmodo

10 Mysteries About Famous Icons That’ll Leave Your Mouth Wide Open – Bright Side

30 Funny Close Enough Photos and Memes – MindBlow

In the year of COVID-19, who has really benefited from the stock market boom? – USA Today

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