Barno Weblinks Collection

Interesting and cool stories from around the net…

Girls in yoga pants – Leenks

7 Terrible Pieces of Advice Parents Give Their Kids – Linkiest

Megan Fox Breaks Her Wrist And Still Looks Hot – 12thblog

AMC Theatres to Change Movie Ticket Prices Based on Seat Location – Variety

Crypto investors lost nearly $4 billion to hackers in 2022 – CNBC

Scientists Create Drug That Makes Patients Super Horny – Futurism

The Top 10 Dinosaurs You Should Be Glad Are Extinct – Linkiest

I’ve made $630,000 in 2 years as a 55-year-old OnlyFans model – Insider

Two Girls Get High On Scooby Snax (video) – Leenks

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