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A damn fine picdump – Leenks

20 Crazy Facts That Are Totally True – Linkiest

Iggy Azalea Is Hot In A Black Underwear – 12thblog

9 Best Ghost Towns to Visit in Idaho – Van Life

This thing is super practical…its a foldable cart that fits easily in your car and is great for hauling groceries, stuff on camping trips, beach trips, picnics and even hauling kids – Amazon

Roughly 40 percent of single Japanese men in their 20s have never been on a date – SoraNews

Fascinating Vintage Photos of Girls Attending Home Economics Classes, 1920s-1930s – Rare Historical Photos

Take the crummiest, most uncomfortable chair you have. Buy a lumbar support (lower back) for it. Absolute game changer – Amazon

Why Judging People Is Really About You (Not Them) – Tiny Buddha

Betting Against Jim Cramer Now A Reality: What Investors Should Know About The Inverse Cramer ETF – Benzinga

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  1. *A damn fine picdump – Leenks*

    It seems you recycle the same four or five pages

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