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  1. All I can say is dayum! Women were UGLY in the past! Its probably very rare to find a girl of today’s beauty back in the past (im talking purely about their faces). Thats why when they did have a really pretty girl by today’s standards, she would have wars fought over her like Helen of Troy.

  2. Coldy1 you must be gay or blind if you think these women were ugly. That is called natural beauty. In ‘today’s beauty’ (im talking purely about their faces) women use what is called more make up to hide the imperfections and such. I agree there are natural beauties in the present and would like to see more of them but in mainstream society people generally wander to the ‘eye candy’ its what sells. That aside from what you believe is a really pretty girl in ‘today’s standards’ and comparing to Helen of Troy I say that your comment is rash and naive. In the end beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I hope to see more intelligent responses here.

  3. Some of them are very beautiful! Put some modern hairstyles on them and they’d probably look even better. I love curly hair myself, but they had way too much of it back then. Anyone who thinks these women are ugly has been brainwashed by the plasticized celebrities pushed on us these days.

  4. I have collected Victorian and Edwardian theatrical postcards for many years. These women were beautiful!

  5. Kako su žene nekada bile više ženstvenije nego sada.

  6. Simply put, despite the age of these images, ‘Beauty never ages’.

  7. while these ladies are definitely great beauties of their time, i can’t believe your unforgivable mistake of not showing a photo of Evelyn Nesbit. she was one of the most beautiful women in the world, enough so to have her husband, Harry Kendall Thaw, murder her lover, a most famous architect of the time, Stanford White over her. Google her poto since they were so remiss as not to include it here and see if you don’t agree.

  8. they all look pretty much the same..women today are much more beautiful, even without plastic surgery.

  9. These are certainly very beautiful women. Remember they come from an age when modesty in dress was a standard of good taste. They could have dressed as women do today, and could have looked the same, therefore, as women commonly look these days. But they would not have dared to do so, out of a sense of common decency. We have lost that sense these days, and we don’t have any idea what it implies to have that sense. You can’t ask a wild coyote to appreciate the joys a loyal family dog shows when he plays with the children or fetches the morning paper. For such a beast has no idea of what pleasures culture and taste can bring. It might seem repulsive to women of today, to think that they are practicing indecency when they go out in public dressed in their underwear, but let’s face it, men are more appreciative of modesty, and they treat women with more respect when ladies show that they know how to put on tasteful clothing.

  10. donald desroaches

    Tina .. you are a narrow minded fool

    These woman could fit in with todays most beautiful women .. If they had color photos and todays hair and make up and clothes they would look just like Vogue women today ..

    Simple minded fools like you think the people today are smarter and prettier than those of previous generations .. We just have an easier life but not smarter nor prettier ..

  11. The photo below that of Lily Elsie. is that of Maude Fealy. However it is surprising you didn’t include the beautiful Cleo de Merode in this listing.

  12. These women are natural beauties and we’re not use to seeing unadorned women. If some of these women lived today, they’d be considered still the most beautiful omen in the world.

  13. Once it came down to the actual pictures, those ladies actually where beautiful. Their skin was flawless, just missing color.

  14. 6th one down looks like ellen degeneres

  15. Beauty in its truest form 🙂

  16. The girl with the very long hair is beautiful. We don’t get to see real beauty anymore, much of it is photoshopped.

  17. I love the clothes and wish they were in color. They are beautiful women. I like Miss Lisa Elsie and have her on my wallpaper. The beauty of youth is forever.

  18. None of these women are even slightly attractive. Even despite hiding almost everything behind the hideous clothing of the day. Not a single one of these would be enough to keep an erection maintained in a male acclimated to the modern standard of beauty. We’re breeding ourselves more attractive, finally. Don’t throw sticks in the spokes by pretending these women had anything to offer beside nasty body odour and way to much hair, everywhere.

    Anyone pretending these women are attractive just wish the same could be said of themselves, so you’re all playing a game of make-believe to make yourselves feel more accepted. You clearly have no place in modern society or you’d not even JOKE to call these women attractive, in any sense of the word.

  19. What utter tripe. You must be the same type of person that thinks that Megan Fox is hot. Yeah, collagen-stuffed (overstuffed) lips, blue contact lenses, dyed hair (and extensions), false eyelashes, fake breasts, lashings of makeup and botox (at 23!!!) is beautiful to someone like you.

    This is why men are idiots. They see a photoshopped, airbrushed, fake person on a magazine, and a plastic Barbie doll on red carpets and think that this is what beauty is.

    Educate yourself. Look up Jocelyn Wildenstein. The women you think are beautiful now will look utterly disfigured in a few years. But I guess there’ll be more where that came from.

  20. For women of the past they are very beautiful,mesmerizing and seductive. Unlike the boring fake boobed,photo-shopped lip stuffed anorexic Jolie & Megan fox clones of today.

  21. They forgot Grace Kelly.

  22. The Real Truth Has Been Said

    Well speaking of the past when most women back then were very old fashioned and real ladies. And today Yikes which God can’t even help them at all.

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