The World’s Worst Dictators Before They Were Famous





  1. Castro is not one of the world’s worst dictators =/ He’s actually kinda handsome *lolz*

    What about Stalin? Pinochet? Franco? Stroessner?

  2. Castro????

  3. About Castro ,maybe ,for you ,is not the worst ,but for 1.4 millions of cubans living outside Cuba ,and over 50,000 cubans killed in the florida straits ,50 years in power and Cuba become one of the most poor countries in the world ,and don’t give me the crap about the “embargo” from USA ,because that is not true ,over 50 american companies do business with cuban regime today, we went to Cuba last February ,i saw the most horrible conditions for a human been to live….he is the worse believe me today, beside the one from North Korea…

  4. It’s amazing how many people have no idea how vicious and cruel the castro regime has been over the past 50 years. All dictators thrive on others ignorance about the real conditions where they rule. Do you castro fans ever think about how a person becomes and remains “president for life” ??

  5. where the motherfucker BUSH

  6. William, this is about evil dictators, not about the people who fought against them and took them down! That said, where is Hussein? (Saddam, not Soetoro!)

  7. fuckers…………castro is not a dictator…………assholes

  8. Ok, you can say that Castro is a dictator based on the fact that there hasn’t been elections in 50 years. But you can never say he is the worst because Hitler extermined 6 million jews (and caused the death of probably a much larger number of other people). Compared to him, Castro is an innocent child.
    Cuba has great life expectancy, education and health. I’m all for democracy anyway.

    If you think outside the box, freedom is not about buying new gadgets and having hundreds of products to buy in the mall…

    @Jason: “horrible condition”. You really don’t know what you’re talking about: in Cuba there isn’t people dying from famine or evitable diseases, or living in the streets, or devastated by drugs. Have some perspective. How many countries you can say that about? Certainly not many from America or Africa.

  9. Stalin was responsible for a hell of a lot more deaths than Hitler was ever even accused of. Why does everyone forget about the Bolshevik psychos anyway?

  10. And where are the Bushes? Stalin? Lukashenko? Nazarbaev? Turkmenbashi?

  11. What about Mugabe…you must look at current dictators and most of them are in Africa!

  12. Fidel aint that bad! i mean wheres George Bush,LBJ & these US presidents responsilbe for deaths of millions in there military campaigns! Man just cause they were Democratically [US elections have been rigged]elected or are head of a democratic socitey it doesnt mean theyre saints or its okay for them to kill in the name of ”democracy” or some ”JUST” cause! that bullshit! so lets see george Bush on this list! Till all these wars have ended let all US presidents be seen on this list including obama….Castro brough down a corrupt regime….elite economy run by drug lords & gangsters! if u dont agree with his idea he aint a villain! if ur saying u dont agree with his methods of a violent revolution bloodshed it applys to ur govts too! It just that we are shortsighted & not intersetd in knowing the truth from opinions & ‘planted facts’!let me tell u there are elections in Cuba its just that its not as an indinvalno election campaisgn which makes things so much better & they aint a most polluting nation in the world which is going to get the world to war & crisis! no idea how JFK was killed! 9/11 no substantil proof! wats with this double standards & lies! Fidel isnt poulist so he isnt intersting or in thew nes for the good reasons! u all here rubbish on the news anyways! ive been to Cuba! lift the ecomonic embargo seehow theyll flourish! leave them alone! They dont swear by greed or money!

  13. Fidel Castro was a dictator ….yes …who isn’t?….because he humiliated American hedgemony of course he cant miss the list. This list is just incomplete or malicious, people who should be here are not where is Mobutu,Peron of Argentina and all those American bootlickers who killed their own people & economies to make the United States an empire……sellouts?

  14. This list is obviously heavily slanted and makes no attempt at objectivity. You’ll note that not only is Fidel Castro included, which is ridiculous; but American puppets like Rafael Trujillo (of whom Franklin D Roosevelt said, “he’s a son of a bitch, but he’s OUR son of a bitch”) and Mobutu Sese Seko are extremely conspicuous by their absence. Nor is Saparmurat Niyazov of Turkmenistan, an American stooge, there; or the just-toppled Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. It’s time someone made a list of evil regimes supported, promoted and protected by the United States of America.

  15. Respect your teacher! Who knows one day your Geography teacher could become the dictator of France.

  16. Castro? ¬¬

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