“Block 5G Influence” For Just $90 And Conspiracy Theorists Are Still Not Happy

Lina Survila, a global tech PR and chief editor at Abstract Stylist, explained that with so many 5G conspiracies surfing around, it’s no wonder that someone will try and use it to their advantage.

“Like making money. Some believe that higher-frequency millimeter-wave signals can affect their health. Therefore, people keep pushing against the 5G network in the weirdest ways.” But the global technology expert assured us that there’s absolutely no evidence that the 5G network is dangerous for you.

According to the description, the device does all that the anti-5G theorists could dream of

However, “even if there would be dangers of the 5G network, these boxes couldn’t help because cellular 5G does not come from a wifi router,” Lina explained. This is because 5G is often confused with 5GHz wifi, which are two totally different things. “Most of what this box may do is make your wifi connection worse.”

The global tech expert also said that if people are still concerned about any signals, they should look at getting ethernet rather than a router. But when it comes to these “5G blockers,” they won’t help since it’s nothing more than a metal box. “In order to block your signal, you should put it in thick concrete, but you definitely won’t be able to use your wifi then.”

Lina concluded that “it’s easy prey for those looking to make money exploiting people’s fears. I would surely call it a scam and wish people would be more critical of what they see even on the biggest online markets.”

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